Traditionally speaking, a yurt or ‘ger’ as it’s known in Mongolian, is a round, portable tent that has been used as a dwelling for nomads in Central Asia over hundreds of years. Today, however, the yurt has become synonymous with ‘glamping’ and countryside holidays.

They have become increasingly popular in schools where they are used as unique classroom space, or even at wedding venues as a reception area.

Recently, the demand for low-cost and low hassle extensions has significantly increased – with many turning to yurt construction as an effective means. At CPM, we specialise in loft conversions, extensions and conservatories in Devon and thought we would write about how the yurt could be a perfect choice for someone looking to add extra space to their home.

Facts About Yurts

  • The yurt has a classic and ancient design that has survived the ages due to its amazingly practical nature
  • They are portable and take less than an hour to erect
  • They are traditionally transported on horseback by nomadic herders
  • They are stable in strong winds, well insulated, sustainable and comfortable

Top Five Uses for a Yurt

1.Wedding Venues

yurt wedding

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding, yurts can provide the perfect marquee space for your special day. Why not celebrate this occasion by hosting a reception meal in a light and spacious yurt. There are many companies that provide special yurts for your big day, such as, Wedding Yurts.

2. Home Extension

yurt bedroom
A yurt can is an alternative way to add extra space in your home without the need to request planning permission. As long as you aren’t planning to install a toilet or bathroom, they can provide extra space at little cost and time. You can buy the structure from online companies such as Yurt For Life who will custom design for you.

Alternatively, if you are wanting a fully blown home extension, please contact us and we would be happy to book in a free design quotation.

3. Hen Parties

outdoor yurt
Looking for a unique hen do setting? There are many locations across the UK than either erect a yurt for your weekend hen party or have them already on site.

4. Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

yurt classroom

There are many benefits to children being outdoors, and yurts offer the perfect educational aid to do so. Set up a new classroom space, conduct an outdoor activity or learning course, or host a meeting in these unique surroundings.

5. Children’s Play Room


Looking for a unique play space for your children? Give them a permanent safe haven in your garden by building a yurt and turning it into a playroom for them. They can use it to play games, as a space to do homework or even somewhere for them to bring their friends to stay at the weekend.

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