Top five most popular spring home improvements. Spring isn’t just about daffodils, longer days and the appearance of chocolate eggs in supermarkets, it’s also the time of year when a large number of homeowners decide on their programme of home improvement. Better weather and the promise of long summer days to come prompt many people to give their property a well-earned makeover.

Roofing and guttering

Winter storms and the effects of freeze-thaw action can result in exterior pipes and guttering being in a sorry state by the time the season is over. Blocked guttering, leaks, sagging fixings and unsealed joints can all result in water ending up on the brickwork rather than down the drain – a significant cause of interior damp as well as exterior decay. Timely repair is a vital maintenance task in the next month or so.

Invest in a patio or decking

Not only does a well-kept garden substantially increase the value of your home, a patio or decking provides an inviting outdoor space that’s ideal for entertaining or just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Particularly where planning constraints mean an extension is unrealistic, a carefully constructed outdoor area can function as an additional room during much of the year.

New bathroom

It may be the smallest room in the house, but the bathroom has an enormous influence on how people perceive their home. CPM Builders in Exeter undertake scores of bathroom refits every year, enabling homeowners to enjoy a fresh take on this essential space. An affordable improvement, transforming your bathroom from mundane to magnificent makes a fantastic start to the rest of the year.

Painting and decorating

As the days grow lighter and we start to see the sun, those bright beams can reveal just how stained and dull our paintwork has become. As higher temperatures mean that paint and paste dries faster, the next month or so is a great time to get rooms redecorated ready for the summer. Take advantage of new colours, fresh looks and exciting trends to give your home a professional and affordable makeover.

The heart of the home

These days, the kitchen is far more than simply a place to cook. Many people are choosing to reinvent this particular part of the home – it’s now an exciting area in which to entertain, dine and relax as well as create great food. Contemporary design favours areas that have multiple functions, so ensuring your new kitchen has versatility is vital. Current kitchens embrace an “anything goes” form of styling, where the only limit is your imagination. Skilled builders can help make your ideas a reality, as well as suggest appealing alternatives should you be constrained by structural issues or budget. Not only can a well thought out kitchen provide a welcome additional area in which to live, it can also add thousands to your property price and become an appealing place to spend time.

Spring is always a great time to get those home improvements started, particularly when you’ve got ambitions to sell, consolidate or improve your property. Using an experienced, versatile company to get the job done ensures a high quality result and minimises the risk of communication breakdown and conflicting approaches, which can occur when you try to coordinate a number of unrelated tradesmen in order to get a job done. Why not make this year the one where your home benefits from some lasting positive changes?