Check out our Top 5 Loft Conversions ideas from the team at CPM in Exeter, Over the last decade the UK has seen a steady rise in the number of home modifications including extensions and loft conversions. There are many advantages to modifying your home as opposed to moving, such as lower costs, less disruption and you don’t have to pay stamp duty! Home modifications are also a great way of adding value to your home whilst improving your living situation.

Loft conversions used to be predictable and boring, but now interior designers are using them to add light, drama and value to homes nationwide. Although this is not a definitive list, we hope it provides you with inspiration and gives you an idea of what can be achieved with a little creativity and off-the-wall thinking.

Home Office

Loft Conversion - Home Office Top 5 Loft ConversionsThe dawn of the internet in the early-nineties gave rise to a new generation of people working remotely from home. The are many benefits to working from home such as avoiding a daily commute or achieving a more comfortable working environment, but what better way to stay motivated than to design your own bespoke office. You may consider adding some skylights or a dormer window to attract more natural daylight and using bright colours will help create an inspirational working area. Remember, loft rooms can be tricky to furnish due to the sloping eaves and low ceilings, so it may be worth investing in some custom built furniture to maximise the space or even incorporate a fold-away desk.

Home Cinema

Ten years ago the thought of owning your own home cinema was something reserved for the rich and famous. Well, not anymore! You too can own a piece of Hollywood with your very own personal home cinema. All you need is a large, high definition television, some dark wallpaper or non-reflective paint, comfortable seating (preferably of the reclining variety) and some feature lighting to really transform your loft conversion. You may even consider soundproofing the walls, floor and ceiling to make the most of that surround sound and guarantee the full Hollywood experience!

Bathroom/Health Suite

Loft Bathroom Top 5 Loft ConversionsTransform your loft into a stunning, five-star bathroom or wet room complete with hot tub and sauna to unwind after a hard week’s work. Keep it feeling light and spacious with glossy tiles and pale colours or perhaps incorporate an underfloor heating system to give it that sense of luxury. You will almost certainly need to move your water tank (as with most loft conversions) and depending on the layout of your new bathroom, there may some tricky plumbing work required. We recommend using a specialist company to handle everything from design to fitting, as they will be able to advise on what will and what will not work within your budget.

Private Gym

Save yourself time and money with your own private gym. The UK has seen a huge rise in gym membership over the past couple of years and this means many gyms are becoming overcrowded. The key to a great gym is good air flow and comfort and this can be achieved through proper ventilation and padded flooring. Consider adding some additional windows or extractor fans to keep your gym feeling light and airy or go the extra mile and incorporate a full air conditioning system. You may also need to reinforce the floor if you plan to have any heavy gym equipment or weights and we recommend speaking to a professional builder who can carry out a structural survey and advise on whether any additional support is required.

Space Observatory

OK, so this may seem a bit far-fetched and is definitely not the most practical option, but it does demonstrate what can be achieved with a little creativity! In order to convert your loft into a facility capable of rivalling NASA, you’ll need to consider how best to view the stars; will a small, Velux window make a suitable telescope hatch or will you require a larger opening allowing for better positioning? Alternatively you may wish to incorporate a glass roof for general stargazing or include a feature wall to document your observations.

The great thing about loft conversions is that you start from scratch, so you can customise it to meet your interests or requirements. Whether you’re looking to add an extra bedroom, games room or even your own recording studio, CPM (Complete Project Management) can guide you from start to finish. With more than 20 years experience and hundreds of loft conversions in Mid & East Devon, our team of specialists can turn your dreams into reality. Call us today on 01392 925045 or contact us online for more information.