The UK is a nation devoted to DIY with thousands of pounds spent in hardware stores every day and hundreds of products available. However, it can sometimes prove tricky to know what to buy and more importantly, what you need! We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Essential Power Tools which should help you tackle most jobs around the home and garden.

Power Drill

The most popular power tool in the UK is the Electric or Power Drill, and it’s been helping DIY’ers drill, screw, sand and polish their way around the home & garden for generations. You can purchase a number of attachments, or ‘Drill Bits’, designed for tackling all kinds of materials, including brick, stone, plaster, wood and metal, as well as screwdriver heads and sanding/polishing heads. Be sure to use the correct drill bit to avoid damaging your drill or the surface on which you are using it.

Tip: Be sure to purchase a drill with a ‘hammer’ function for tackling particularly hard materials.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating SawAnother popular tool among DIY’ers is the Reciprocating Saw, or Power Saw, which does the same job as a conventional hand-held saw, but with minimal effort. You can purchase a number of different blades for cutting through various materials including wood, metal, plaster and ceramic tiles. We recommend using a fine-tooth blade for cutting through metal, a toothless blade for cutting ceramic tiles and a coarse blade for wood and plaster.


Tip: A cordless saw will allow you more freedom, and there’s no need for extension leads!

Power Multi Tool

Multi Tools are relatively new on the market, but they’ve proved a hit with DIY’ers up and down the country. They come with a range of attachments designed specifically for cutting, sawing, chasing, scraping, sanding and polishing and even the basic models offer variable speed settings which allow greater control when in use. Other benefits include lightweight design, easy-change attachments and a large hand grip that proves very helpful when working in tight spaces or tackling small, complexed jobs.

Tip: Start with a basic kit and purchase additional attachments as and when you require them.

Power Sander

Power SanderPower Sanders offer the quickest and easiest solution when faced with a lot of sanding, as they make a very physical job much less tiring. There are three types of Power Sander available: Belt Sander, Orbital Sander and Palm Sander. The Belt Sander spins a large belt of sandpaper around much like a high-speed conveyor belt, while the Orbital and Palm Sanders use much smaller square and round heads respectively. Most Power Sanders come with a detachable dust-collection bag, but we recommend wearing a dust mask for added protection, especially when sanding varnished/treated wood.

Tip: Palm Sanders are the best option for reaching narrow spaces or intricate patterns.

Disc Cutter

A Disc Cutter is a specialised tool used for cutting through hard materials such as metal, bricks, ceramic tiles, concrete and stone. The disc is protected by an adjustable steel guard which can be repositioned to allow for cutting at various angles, and an adjustable handle for left or right handed users. You can purchase abrasive cutting discs which will tackle most materials, but we recommend using a diamond cutting disc for use with stone or concrete, as it will give a cleaner, faster cut and last much longer.

Tip: You will need to wear a dust mask when operating a Disc Cutter.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washer

Ok, so we lied, here’s number six! A pressure washer is a high-pressure water jet that can be used to remove loose paint, mould, dust, mud and dirt from almost any surface. While it’s not a conventional tool, they are especially useful for cleaning & restoring driveways, patios and decking and breaking up loose concrete. You can purchase a range of pressure washers, but we recommend getting one with an adjustable pressure gauge to avoid damaging fragile surfaces.


So there you have it, the Top 5 (or 6) Essential Power Tools to help you tackle any job around the home or garden. It pays to shop around when purchasing any of the above items, as the cheapest may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run. We’d also advise against purchasing specialist tools unless you have some experience using them, as you may cause further damage and end up needing some costly repairs by a professional. Why not save yourself time and money and contact CPM (Complete Project Management) today! We specialise in all aspects of Building & Property Maintenance and provide a premium service for residential & commercial properties in Exeter, Mid & East Devon and parts of Somerset.