Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Home! Christmas really is here, and, although supermarkets across the country have been selling festive products prematurely since August, it really does now feel like the ‘season to be jolly’ is in full swing. Presents and roast dinners are all very well, but if you’re looking for a festive treat that will last you far into the future, why now treat yourself to a bit of home improvement?

Now is a great time to fix that problem that’s been lingering for a while or fulfil your dream of transforming your home, so why wait? Here are our top five Christmas gifts for your home from your exeter builders CPM!

Gifts for your home1. Painting and decorating

Forget buying extra tinsel – there is no better way to decorate for Christmas or permanently spruce up your home than with the work of good old fashioned painters & decorators in Exeter. Whether your front room could do with a lick of paint, or you want to completely make over your master bedroom, CPM builders Exeter will execute every job to diamond standard. From plastering your walls so they are smooth and sturdy to painting on a range of materials from woods to metals, our team’s expertise will make your home look fantastic inside and out this Christmas.

2. Property maintenance

Every home needs a bit of TLC now and then, especially during the winter. Don’t leave it any longer, it’s important to ensure that any routine maintenance is carried out on your property regularly to keep it safe and in good condition. Our property maintenance Exeter team have over 20 years experience in ensuring that your home is at its best all year round. Whether it’s repairing an interior fixture or undertaking a large job, our certified employees can save you taking the time to get your home up to scratch and put everything right quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

3. Roofing and guttering

Winter can wreak havoc on the outside of your building. High winds, rain and debris can affect your drainage system and roofing in extreme weather. It’s absolutely essential to keep the roof above your head safe and prevent any loose tiles falling or damp patches arising that could endanger your family’s health. But don’t worry, our Exeter roofing and guttering experts will ensure that your Christmas is free of any of these concerns as we can fix anything from tiles to damp with ease.

4. Wet room

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge. Warm baths, cosy socks and hot cups of tea are the perfect way to warm up from the cold and feel the festive spirit. But don’t step into an old, drab bathroom before the last day of work until the holidays hit, and don’t try to unwind in a dingy bathroom after a stressful day of Christmas preparations. Instead, ask us about our wet room Exeter building service. We can create luxurious wetrooms that will allow you to relax from the moment you step into this fully watertight spa-esque room.

5. Loft conversions

If you can’t treat yourself at Christmas, when can you? If you’ve been a bit cramped for a while, have a family addition on the way or simply want something new without the expense of moving house, why not consider a loft conversion Exeter consultation this Christmas? Our team can take your unused loft space and turn it into luxury living spaces – whether it be a secluded living room, a zen-filled bathroom or another bedroom. Not only will this make you home so much more enjoyable to live in, but the process is cheap in relation to moving or undergoing structural work, doesn’t require planning permission, is undisruptive and adds value to your home. If that’s not a great present to yourself and your family, what is?

So, there are our top five Christmas gifts for your home this year. This season really is a fantastic time to begin work to your home that will bring joy for years to come. If you’d like to find out more about these services and the huge range of other jobs we take on, please feel free to call us on 01392 363999 or contact us online today.