Top 3 Most Popular Home Improvements! When we think of improving our homes we usually think about the places we spend the most time, the places where we do the most thinking, the places we like to relax the most. So it comes as no surprise that the most popular rooms that homeowners in the UK want to improve is both the Kitchen and Bathroom. In addition to this we have found that as the property market has continued to fluctuate, owners are realising the true potential of their own homes and maximising space by having a loft conversion installed.

We have created this home improvements infographic to highlight some of the reasons why we choose to improve our properties in this way. Here are the 3 most popular Property maintenance services in Exeter we provide which highlight some interesting statistics we think could be the reason why they are so popular!

Most Popular Home Improvements

Having a new kitchen fitted

The kitchen is a place of creativity, cleanliness and a place to socialise, a new kitchen will transform your home life. Our kitchen fitters Exeter team will design and install  your new kitchen to your liking, so you will be able to  enjoy spending time there and enjoying it with friends and family.

  • 72 Minutes is the average time UK adults spend cooking per day, which equates to around three years in a lifetime.
  • 27,156 Hours is the average time a UK adult spends in the kitchen in their lifetimes
  • If you’ve had a great evening but haven’t quite finished off the wine bottle don’t waste it. Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Perfect for using in sauces, waste not want not!

A new bathroom installed

The bathroom should be a place to enjoy whether it’s soaking in the tub after a long day at work or an invigorating shower. So if your current bathroom is looking tired and your main objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible it’s maybe time to consider a refurbishment.  CPM are bathroom installers in Exeter who can easily make the most of any sized space, whilst making your old bathroom into one that you enjoy spending time in by either having a total bathroom refurbishment or simple refreshment, so you and your family can enjoy it once again.

  • 3 Years is the amount of time an average person spends on the toilet in their lifetime.
  • 49% is the average amount of water used in the bathroom compared to the rest of the house. A tap left running can waste up to 17 litres of water per minute.
  • Seven million mobile phones are dropped in the toilet per year.

Converting your loft

Turning your unused attic space into a beautifully functioning new living space for you and your family is a great way to add value to your home , this new room could be used as an office, playroom, additional storage area or an extra bedroom. Did you know by having a loft conversion in Exeter you could add up to 15% to your whole properties value? A great investment not only to your home but also your daily living.

  • 60% is the amount of a home’s heat that can be lost through un-insulated walls and lofts.
  • £475 is the amount solid wall insulation can save a year on the householder’s fuel bills year-on-year!
  • £180 is the amount loft insulation can save per year on the householder’s fuel bills.

Home improvement specialists

All projects, no matter how big or small, are managed and carried out by our experienced staff and long serving, fully qualified tradesmen. If you are considering improving any part of your home our specialist builders in Exeter can help. Contact us on 01392 363999 or send us a message here and we’ll get back to you.