Check out our Top 10 Buildings in the World. We live in a world today where anything is possible so get ready for the top 10 most brilliant construction projects from across the globe. Complete Project Management are builders based in Exeter and so to celebrate all of the building work we have recently completed in Devon, we thought we would show you some of the most amazing building projects from across the globe.

Have a look at these brilliant designs, and if you are thinking of extending your house size by adding an extensio or conversion then contact us for your free quote. We can’t take any credit for any of the brilliant buildings shown in this article but we would love to help you create your own modern space. Get in touch with our specialist team to discuss any ideas you may have that could be a loft conversion, extensions, new bathroom or even a kitchen.

1.The stunning Calatrava

Top 10 Buildings in the WorldLook at this impressive architecture. Apparently, the design represents a bird being released from a child’s hands, with the wings supported by “columns of light,” A statement used to describe this is “at night, the illuminated building will serve as a lantern in its neighbourhood.”

2. The London Garden Bridge

Top 10 Buildings in the WorldBeautiful ideas that it being put together in London, a Conservative MP, who is campaigning for the hedgehog to be Britain’s national animal, said the bridge had the potential to become a “hedgehog super highway”. An ambitious and creative building project that will soon be an emblem of London and maybe London’s very own “Central Park”. Currently, the building project has been paused by the London Mayor Sadiq Khan due to funding despite the scheduled opening to be 2018. It will be a sanctuary for Londons and a refreshing piece of greenery in the big city of London.

  • 10 thousand tonnes of soil the two central piers will hold
  • 200 construction workers
  • 32 months of construction
  • 400 yards long
  • 1.86 miles of piping will be used for irrigation
  • 70,000 bulbs to be planted
  • 9000 comuters are thought to use the bridge each day
  • 32,000 perennials
  • 270 new trees
  • Four lifts carrying 68 people at one time that is 17 people per lift.
  • 20 Gardeners will plant the new garden bridge.

3.Lebanon to get a residence carved into a cliff

Top 10 Buildings in the World

The proposed building is a house that would be carved into a rock in a cliff near Beirut. Costing 2.5 million in funding if it does get built. The roof is a swimming pool; that’s right! It is a smart idea that proves no building project is impossible.

Top 10 Buildings in the World4. MAD studio Beijing comes to Europe

A Beijing-based studio has announced its first residential project. It will have glazed walls and sinuous balconies giving its residents a view of the Paris skyline. Tree covered terraces that will connect the building to the surrounding areas such as the nearby Martin Luther King Park. This building is a brilliant example of how modern architecture has changed so much in the past generation, and it does make me very excited about possibilities in the coming years.

Top 10 Buildings in the World5. Kengo Kuma’s Alberni – A 43-floor residential building

In Vancouver Canada there is currently a housing boom, Kengo Kuma announced that his first project on Canadian soil. It will be shaped like a thin wedge with a carved out front, creating a tension-filled silhouette in glass and aluminium with a latticed wooden screen on the concave part of the 43-floor tower.

Top 10 Buildings in the World

6.Tallest Timber Structure

A Japanese architect Shigueru Ban well known for Bamboo structures, such as emergency shelters after the Tsunami. Have planned to build the world’s tallest timber frame structure. Itis shaped with a sharp. It will be his first ever building that he has developed for Canada.

Top 10 Buildings in the World

7. A Flower shaped hotel

This building was based on a desert hyacinth, a flowering plant from the Gulf. The new hotel will span over 38 floors of apartments and hotel rooms. It will be 70,000 square meters hotel and residential building and be part of the new coastal city in Qatar. This fantastic building will be scheduled for completion in 2020. The key to design for this building was fluidity and continuous patterns from domes to ceiling, ceilings to wall and walls to the floor.

Top 10 Buildings in the World8. Zayed National Museum

A breathtaking new museum opens in Abu Dhabi; it is said to showcase everything about Emirates History, Culture and Art. The towers were built in a way which means they can minimise energy use by stimulating natural list and organic ventilation.

9. The Unnamed Dubai Tower – To be the world’s tallest towerTop 10 Buildings in the World

The unnamed tower is to be the centrepiece of Dubai and will be completed by 2020. It is stunningly beautiful.Designed by the Spanish-swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, known for futuristic structures such as the City of Art and Sciences complex in Valencia, Spain. This new amazing tower with a needle-like a tip will offer a garden style observation deck that will be decorated with trees and other greenery. The tower will also feature some fantastic shops, a luxurious hotel and other facilities. This new hotel will be built around the same area that the other luxury hotel that had been built that went up in flames in 2012.

10. The Ribbon Wedding Chapel – China

This fantastic idea by Hiroshi Nakamura takes its name because of the timber-clad staircases that wind Top 10 Buildings in the Worldaround.This 15.4-metre tall structure is set on a hilltop on the grounds of the hotel Bella Vista Sakaigahama. Take in views of the Seto Inland Sea, which borders the city of Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture. The interwinding staircases which cross paths at several points to provide support for each other, this is designed to express the unity that marriage brings.