Are you a shower person? Who rarely ever uses a bath? If so why not invest in a stylish walk in shower? Or you could even go that one step further and create a modern wet room.

wedi_new-style_wet_traySo what is a wet room and why would I want one?

The room itself acts as the enclosure like an average shower would. It would mean that the room would need to be fully waterproofed. One of the main benefits of a wet room is that they space save. If you have a small bathroom, which does seem to be very common in my generation due to the massive increase in new build houses and affordable housing. So rip the old plastic bath that is hard to clean and quite ugly looking and install a very stylish looking new wet room. They are also easier to clean as there are less awkward corners surfaces to clean. Another perk of a wet room is mainly accessibility. They are brilliant for people with disabilities or mobility issues. There is a broad range of bathroom suites to choose from for both walk-in showers and wet rooms.

We are Complete Project Management (CPM) are one of Devon’s leading Wet Room and Walk in Shower installers, providing qualified fitters, installers, plumbers and applicators all with extensive experience of creating wet rooms in a variety of houses in Mid & East Devon. We ensure that all of your ideas are talked through in detail before any work commencing so our team can work efficiently and to your exact requirements. Thus working to a set time frame and to budget to avoid any unnecessary disruptions within your household.

an-attractive-wet-rooms-design8Why wouldn’t I want a wet room? Surely there are drawbacks?

There are a few things you may want to think about before booking us at Complete Project Management (CPM) in Exeter in to fit your wet room or walk in shower.

Will removing the bath altogether have an impact on your house value or sellability? Most people would find a wet room or walk in shower a positive feature when it comes to selling your home but it’s just something to consider.
If your bathroom is minuscule then the steam from the shower could make your towels in the bathroom and even the toilet roll damp. So you may want to move these things away from the shower area.
The tiles are quite important as well; most people imagine a lovely natural stone walled wet room, but stone tiles sometimes aren’t the best idea because they may absorb some of the moisture and could need resealing every few months to keep them waterproof.

Wet rooms and walk in showers are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the demand in utilizing space within homes and because they’re appearance in crisp, clean and modern.

What does fitting a wet room in my home involve?

In the past, it was limited that wet rooms had to be on a ground floor level on a concrete base. I am not going to confuse you on how the wet room sis fitted with all the technical terms as it mainly is waterproofing and fixing the drainage, adding a foam or structural deck and supporting the area around the drain. You can leave that part to the experts and get in touch with our helpful team of specialists here at Complete Project Management (CPM) if you have any questions or queries or would like us to come out to do a free consultation and quote.

How much does a wet room cost?

Wet rooms prices are based on the size of the wet room but as a guide, a 1×1 meter complete wet room would be around £450 whereas a larger 2x3m wet room could be around £800 excluding VAT. If you only need the shower area waterproofing, not the whole room, then that does reduce the price down to £408 for the 2×3 meter *Prices are a guide.

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