Tech to Smarten Up your Home in 2015! Each new year, we all make a long list of resolutions – be more healthy, spend more time outside, travel somewhere new. But sometimes, the best way to improve a new year is to brighten up your life without even having to step outside the front door. Maybe you’ve recently had some painting and decorating in Exeter? Why not add your dream gadget to finish off your new room? Treating yourself to a bit of impressive new tech in your home in 2015 can make your daily routine easier, and make your home look amazing. So, here are the top five picks of new home technology from builders in Exeter – who know exactly how to make your home look its best.

Home Technology1. Control your lights from anywhere

It’s something that gadget-lovers have been looking forward to for a long time, and it’s finally a possibility. Using trusty old Bluetooth, you can control your lighting from anywhere in your home through your phone or wall panel. Choose brightness and even switch on and off with ease – you’ll never have to use a light switch again!

2. Stay secure with clever phone-snapped visitor photos

One much less well-known use of bluetooth is a bit of tech, which allows you to set up a spy camera on your front door which will take a video of the person outside when they knock. This is a great way to stay safe and aware of who is attempting to enter your property – and to know in advance when not to answer the door, allowing you to relax without interruption.

3. Play your favourite tunes… through your lights!

As if remote-controlled lights wasn’t enough, there are now light bulbs which not only brighten your home, but also play your favourite music. These revolutionary gadgets not only allow you to control your heating from anywhere, but also act as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play any music on your device around the room. Now you can listen to that one song of the moment as easily as turning on a light.

4. Mood lighting makeover

If you don’t have a huge budget, don’t worry. You can bring some hi-tech enjoyment into your home on a small level, too. Maybe you want to add a bit of colour to your living room, or create some gentle lighting in a bedroom to help you wind down in the evenings? For a very reasonable price you can get your hands on smartphone-controlled electronic candles that change colours and brightness using an app on your phone. Choose the perfect light colour for your room and even control up to five candles at once. Every mood is catered for with these beautiful and affordable decorations.

5. It’s not just electricals that can smarten up your home…

But, if you’re not all that into gadgets, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to smarten up your home. One fantastic way to add some sophistication to your home in 2015 and beyond is to have an Exeter bathroom wet room installation performed. With watertight membranes, a slight floor gradient and many other high-tech fittings, a wet room will not only add luxury to your home, but will also be more water-tight and long-wearing than your previous bathroom, not to mention adding value to your property.

So, if you’re looking to smarten up your home in 2015, why not try some of these amazing gadgets or even invest some high-tech developments in your property? At least you know these resolutions will far outlast January 30th.