With a trained eye for styling and design, as well as a wealth of experience in installation, our Exeter bathroom fitters possess every attribute required to create sprightly and contemporary areas.

An outstanding benefit of opting for a contemporary bathroom is the level of variety and imagination that is granted to the client and contractor. There are more contemporary bathroom features available in the UK than any other style, therefore the options are broad. In addition, the expansive range of contemporary bathroom fittings tend to compliment each other with ease and cohere to present a fresh, dynamic appearance.

We understand that the majority of clients will personally want to select every design aspect, although our bathroom fitters in Exeter are more than happy to discuss and advise on features – drawing on our experience of forming resplendent bathrooms that charm for years to come.

Freestanding Baths

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Our Devon bathroom installation specialists understand that freestanding baths offer plenty of variety. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, with circular and angular two of the most popular shapes. When deciding on the styling of your freestanding bath, consider other existing or planned bathroom features to determine exactly how each piece of the puzzle is going to unite. When picking out a freestanding bath, you should also contemplate choosing the bath, basin and toilet separately as this allows you to freely browse a greater selection.

Bathroom Heating

Modern heating appliances don’t just bring incredible warmth to your bathroom, they also function as a key fundamental in the overall appearance. Sleek modern radiators and heated ladder towel rails, for example, are cost effective, space-efficient and fitting features that contribute massively to the complete contemporary bathroom setup. That’s not where our bathroom heating installation services stop, as we also provide further finishing touches such as underfloor heating.

Shower Fittings

A shower or bath is at the heart of any bathroom and creating an absorbing contemporary space requires a stand out centrepiece. Our shower installation Exeter specialists have noted that there are several types of contemporary showers getting a lot of attention from designers, fitters and homeowners – and with good reason. These include the following options:

shower head

  • Exposed Thermostatic Showers – Safe, convenient and economical. Containing a thermostatic mixer valve, this shower type ensures maximum showering satisfaction while protecting against scalding. This type of shower offers up a wide ranging set of designs, therefore it should be easy to find a style suited to the rest of your contemporary bathroom.
  • Electric Showers – A magnificent, energy efficient modern appliance that heats the water through electric, as opposed to generating heat through the main boiler.
  • Shower packages – Usually comprising a shower head and either a concealed or exposed valve control, some shower packages also come with massaging body jets. A trend that is really at the forefront of contemporary bathroom design right now is a super thin shower head.

Wet Rooms

We have vast experience of fitting wet rooms in the South West, each one as elegant and tasteful as the next. A wet room doesn’t only give a decorous finish, but enables better use of your space. Removing a bulky bath and replacing it with an open plan shower area helps you maximise the use of the remainder of your bathroom space.

In addition, a wet room also improves the structural integrity of your property. Bathrooms are the type of room most susceptible to issues such as leaking and dampness. However, the installation of a wet room helps to guard against such problems, as we essentially waterproof the entire area. We achieve this by funneling all water into a central drain, with moisture being concealed within the sealed walls of the room.

As leading wet room installers in Devon, we previously discussed their outstanding uses in our blog post, It’s Time to Upgrade to A Wet room. A wet room provides unrivalled accessibility to the shower area and allows for the installation of custom fold-away stools, handles and harness lifts.


modern taps

A refined set of taps can add a lot of style to your new bathroom. The attributes of a contemporary tap are smooth shapes and minimalist, yet plush handles. Waterfall effect taps and taps with a singular sprout to control the pressure and temperature – typically known as monobloc mixer taps – work sumptuously in modern style bathrooms.

Wall mounted taps is another contemporary space saving idea that is easy on the eye. With the tap(s) being fixed on the wall, there’s more bath top or counter space to keep toiletry items.


Consider the tiles as the backdrop for your contemporary relaxation zone. Again, there are numerous options in this department with different shapes, sizes and shades of tiles being introduced regularly. We’ve seen some clients favour plain tiles for the walls and patterned tiles for the floor, but whatever your style preference, our trusted bathroom fitters will make sure quality is one element that is always instantly recognisable.  

Bathroom Installation Exeter with CPM

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We understand that it’s frustrating when there’s not a precise, identifiable structure regarding availability and organisation, for both our clients and workforce alike. That’s why we have an availability calendar, displaying the date and time of available slots for customers to request a no obligation, free same day quotation.

With over two decades of bathroom fitting experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to completely fit out or refurbish both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Contact our bathroom fitting team on 01392 925045 if you have any questions or to discuss any type of service we provide.