Whether you own a commercial or residential property, the importance of maintaining the condition of your roof can never be overlooked. With issues in the roof of a property comes problems with structural integrity and costs can begin to build astronomically from there. Our Exeter roofing specialists are on hand to cancel out such issues with the implementation of their expertise. 

As we enter the some of the colder months of the year, now is definitely the time to consider making checks to your roof. As mentioned recently, in our article 5 Home Checks to Make Before the Wet Season, we advise that you should check your roof condition at least three to four times a year as structural issues can soon accumulate.

Roof Inspection Practices – Exeter Roofing

The first thing that you should be checking from within is the loft. If you can see daylight in the loft then there is most likely an issue that needs addressing from the outside. Slates or tiles that are cracked, broken, have slipped or been removed altogether are common issues and can lead to unwanted draughts, especially in Winter.

Obviously, tiles and slates that have such damage will need to be replaced, before the inside of your certain rooms become wet or damp. Our Exeter roofing team are here to fix these issues and prevent damages inside your home. Other elements of your roof, such as the guttering, flashings and chimneys, can cause leaks; our roofers Devon can inspect all elements in the same day.

Roof Repairs for Exeter & Devon – Commercial Properties

It is more common for business owners to neglect or delay repairs on the roof of their commercial property than the roof of their home, yet the principal still stands. Ignoring issues with the roof of any property will only lead to avoidable costs down the line. For some, it may seem the only component of the property structure that does not require as frequent care and attention as, however this structural feature one of the most critical. 

exeter roofing maintenance

What should you look out for as indicators that the roof of your commercial property needs assessing by our roof repairs Exeter team? 

  • Damage to your gutters or poor performance internally.
  • Water stains on the roof.
  • The build up of puddles.
  • Structural debris strewn across the floor of your property.
  • Algae on the roof.
  • Discolouration of the roof.

Gutter and roof neglection can lead to a new roof being required in no time at all, and such abandonment of roof conditions can actually lead to insurance and warranty blockages when the work needs to be carried out. Book a free, same day quotation with our Exeter roofing specialists to have your commercial property assessed fully.

Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be prone to leaks as, not only do they have a gradient, but we often find that the gradient is not steep enough. The roof not having sufficient structure, or the right supportive materials underneath, is likely to lead to leaking, the formation of puddles and damage to the inside of the building. Checks to the roof covering is also needed frequently. 

It is a good idea to consider a flat roof when building a home extension, as it will facilitate access to the original house (for repair purposes). While a flat roof may provide easy access in a home extension, you may want to consider a pitched roof for aesthetics. Speak to our Exeter roofing team members about building a flat roof or property maintenance work on your current flat roof today.

Roofers In Devon – Repairs, Complete Re-builds and Maintenance

Contact us if you wish to have the roof of your commercial or residential property looked at or, alternatively, use our availability calendar (found at the bottom of most pages on our site) to book an appointment with our roofers Devon.