Here at Complete Project Management we always want our customers to feel protected and safe within their home, especially against winter weather conditions. However, this time of year can wreak havoc with heating, plumbing and outdoor spaces and can cause unnecessary stress.

So now is the perfect time to get in contact with your local building maintenance company to take a look at areas of your home which need fixing, so you can enjoy the festive period with family and friends. Check out our recommendations when it comes to protecting your home against winter weather, below.

Roofing repairs and replacements

Roofing repairs

From complete roofing replacements to small or large repairs, we deliver a range of comprehensive roofing services to our customers. Having a secure and well-built or repaired roof will last for a number of years, meaning you won’t have to worry about any maintenance in the long run. The unpredictable winter weather can weaken your roofing and cause leaks and draughts throughout the home, which may increase your heating bill.

If you are concerned about the state of your roof and would like a professional and knowledgeable second opinion before the cold, wet weather sets in, then now is the perfect time to do so.

Protect your home plumbing system

The cold weather doesn’t just affect the roofing; freezing conditions can also leave you with little to no hot water which is essential during the time of year. As the temperatures decrease, the pipes which make up the plumbing system are more likely to freeze over and burst, so making sure you have made preventative measures is a must:

  • Purchase lagging material from your DIY store which can be wrapped around your piping, checking that there are no gaps at the bends, valves or fittings.
  • Make sure you know where the stopcock is if you have to turn off the water supply in the event of your pipes freezing.

Speaking to the Independent, Paul Harmer, lead technical consultant for the Chartered Institute for Plumbing and Heating Engineering, said: “If you are going away on a winter’s holiday, leave the thermostat set low (at least five degrees) to help prevent pipes from freezing; and do check your insurance policy to see if you have to comply with any directives.”

Of course, if you would like an expert opinion regarding your plumbing and need someone to take a look, our trusted and highly-skilled plumbers can visit your property and make sure your system is fully adaptable to winter weather.

General property maintenance

Replacing damp and damaged plasterboard in a bathroom

General wear and tear of your home can cause bigger long-term issues, so making sure you are on top of those is crucial. However, as an established building and maintenance contractor in Exeter, we know that sometimes our customers simply don’t have the time to repair and protect their home against the damage which winter can cause.

That’s why our general property maintenance service can give you peace of mind when the dark mornings and nights set in. We have a range of property maintenance packages to suit your needs, and will always take on board your individual requirements, whether that be guttering, outside paintwork on the home or complex in-house repairs.

Complete Project Management

If you would like further information on preventative home maintenance measures for the home, or need one of our professional staff to come and take a look at potential risks before the winter months, then please contact our friendly team to find out more.