The Summer is just about over now, and as we enter Autumn/Winter 2016 here at Complete Project Management, we think it’s an excellent time to freshen up the home ready for the new season. So we have put together a quick list of paint colour ideas for your home.

Let me guess; it is too much hassle for you to get out the overalls and paintbrushes? Don’t worry! Leave it to us; we can come out and give you a free quote for the work whether that is to freshen one wall up with a new lick of paint, to give all the woodwork a new coating of gloss or maybe even to decorate the whole house! We are trusted, qualified and experienced Devon builders.

Read our interesting and helpful guide to colour schemes around your home; we know that style is important to you that’s why we have broken it down into useful sections.

Before you start painting here are some helpful tips

  • Prep the room, cover up furniture with old sheets, move any furniture that could get damaged or broken to another room.
  • Wipe down the walls – A crucial step as whether you can see it or not all walls will have build up of dirt, dust and oils.
  • Buy some Frog tape and go around all the edges of the skirting boards and ceilings to avoid any messy disasters
  • Test the paint colour, paint a tester patch and let it dry. It’s also good to view how this looks in the daytime and night before committing to one colour.
  • Allow colour into your life – Don’t be scared of colour and opt for a white or magnolia. Adding a bright coloured feature wall can create a feeling. Dark tones add texture and depth of space. If you have a small room such as a guest bathroom or cloakroom then brighter, lighter colours can open up space and make it feel much larger.
  • The finish is important; most paints have a flat finish which is easier to hide imperfections but are damaged easily. We suggest an eggshell finish which slightly textured.
  • Plan the amount of paint needed, there is nothing more frustrating than not having enough paint to finish the room and then when you go back to the store you find out that colour is out of stock and discontinued. Here is a helpful paint calculator.
  • Primer is a major step before painting a room and helps reduce the amount of paint needed. It seals the walls and provides a base.
  • Also, don’t forget to fill in all the cracks and holes in the walls for a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Start with the corners first; this may be a little backwards, but it makes sense when you think about it. Start with the difficult parts, use a fine brush and then go over with the roller to get rid of any brush marks.
  • Prep the brushes and roller; some old rollers can have debris inside them so use a lint roller to remove as loose pieces that may imprint on your walls.paint swatches

Living Room Colour Schemes

living room colours

From Bright, Pastel, Neutral to Elegant

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas

Kitchen Colours

kitchen colours

Kids Room Paint Colours

kids bedroom colour ideas

We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the stunning room ideas shown within our blog. If you have any ideas or would like to discuss any up and coming projects that you are thinking about, then just get in touch with us on our Exeter number 01392 925045. We work in in Devon and cover Exeter, Mid, East Devon and Torbay. You can book your free no obligation quote by filling in the quote below and a specialist will get back to you.

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