New Generation of Loft Conversions. Loft conversions are one of the most popular home improvements in the United Kingdom. This is because of the amount of the space gained, the added value and the fact that it’s an easier alternative to moving house. So, why haven’t you had a loft conversion yet?

>>A loft conversion can add between £22,000 and £45,000 to the value of your home. Read more.

Maybe you didn’t need the room until now? Maybe you were happy using it as a storage space? Either way whatever the reason, it means that now is the time ! Right now, loft conversions are in their third generation of development, so the lofts that were once dreary enclosed boxes, are now bright and exciting living spaces. Come and meet the modern generation!

Relax in the Devon Skyline

What will you do with your new found space? It remains ever so slightly detached from the rest of the house perfect for creating an intimate office, hidden bedroom, gadget room or a relaxing retreat above the lively action under.

It doesn’t take a professional to realise that a loft conversion has endless benefits but we believe that the south of England has a lot to do with it too. The blazing Devonshire sun and beautiful British countrysides and seasides make a good loft conversion into an incredible one. And your loft is the key to living among these gorgeous views.

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What do New Loft Conversions Have That Previous Ones Don’t?

Attic Generation An Array of Windows

Windows, lots of them, are being seen more and more with recent conversions. They open up your loft space and create a brighter  environment,  giving an illusion of a bigger capacity. This diminishes the  box like enclosure  and replaces it with a bright open space.

A Functioning Staircase

Although retractable wooden ladders are still an option, it just gets better and better. Spiral staircases and full functioning staircases, although on occasions narrow, are a lot safer with banisters, carpet and are sturdy structures. This eliminates risk and means anyone of any age and capabilities can enjoy the new found space.

Those Home Comforts

It takes a long time for a loft conversion to become anything other than the new room in the house. The addition of simple things such as home accessories and the perfect furniture can really bring your loft to life. This will certainly bring your loft into your home and make it part of your everyday living.

Modern Interiors

As well as home comforts, a modern interior will make your loft stand out and become exactly as you envisioned and more. In this generation there’s no such thing as nondescript colours such as beige so let your personality and your taste shine through. At the moment statement lights and the comfortable fur factor seem to be the most popular interiors.

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How Can I Accomplish This?

To acquire your own modern Devonshire loft space contact our team of professional attic fitters and modellers, and we will build you the loft space you demand.

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