Kitchen Dining Room! Having an open plan kitchen dining room is a fantastic way to maximise the space you have whilst creating a whole new living environment for which to enjoy. Depending on the structure and layout of your house this kind of kitchen dining room conversion can be relatively straight forward and cost effective.

Conversion Ideas

A kitchen dining room extension in Exeter is fast becoming a popular way to totally transform your living area. Whilst giving you great way to add value to your home you with a FREE no obligation quote. We individually assess and tailor to your needs, and we visit you in your home to discuss your requirements. while giving you a larger space to entertain. There are usually a wide number of different options available for your extension and the best way to find out which would work best is by discussing them with a professional Kitchen Dining Room builder. They will be able to give you alternative ideas based on the use of materials, design and time needed amongst many other valuable information. They can make your ideas become reality and work to your budget.

If you are looking for an extension in Exeter then contact CPM who will talk through your ideas with you and provide

Kitchen/Dining Room Design Ideas

Finding the best design to suit your tastes can be a challenging but exciting task, there are a variety of different websites to get your idea juices flowing, kitchen design ideas and modern kitchen pictures are two of the best.  You will be able to discuss these ideas with a professional builder who will advise accordingly.

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

Once you have decided on the design and general layout of your kitchen dining room, you will want to start thinking about the perfect kitchen solution. It needs to look great, blend in with the dining area whilst being in proportion and of course it needs to be functional. Where do you start? Having an open plan kitchen could be the perfect addition to your home, but if it’s not planned and executed properly it could cost you more than you expected. Consulting a professional kitchen fitter in Exeter can be a sure fire way that you don’t make the mistakes many people do when making conversions to their homes.

The process

• Make sketches of your layout ideas and search through websites for inspiration
• Contact an established builder. CPM are established Devon Builders since 2002
• Discuss your ideas with the builder about your desired: Layout / Design / Materials
• Go through pictures you have found of open plan kitchen dining rooms
• Confirm the plans and make a date for the work to be carried out
• Make alternative eating / living arrangements, as and when necessary
• Enjoy your new living space!