I’s time to consider a wet room, and here’s the reason why. Let’s face it, for some reason showers have been neglected. Most showers around our country are relics of the past. And perhaps, right now as you’re reading this, you’re thinking ‘ah, it does the job. I don’t need to change it.’ We say you are wrong. We have blessed many with a wet room rather than a shower. The transformation is mind-boggling.

Luxurious wet room Design

Traditional showers don’t look good on the eye. For us, they fragment the space. A wet room on the other hand — well, a wet room makes the traditionally fragmented need of having a cleansing space in your bathroom a smooth, uninterrupted one.

wetroom luxury wet room
If you’d be kind enough to envision a shower tray there, it simply wouldn’t work. The wet room escalates this bathroom; it makes it look larger. It makes it look cleaner. Above all, it makes it look nicer. Practically Superior as Well as Visually
Not only are wet rooms aesthetically a no-brainer, practicality is where they really shine too. It’s usually one or the other, isn’t it? Not with wet rooms.


As wetrooms aren’t raised, they’re accessible to those of old age and limited mobility. You also have no risk of accidentally kicking anything. And also you can have custom fold away stools, handles and harness lifts to suit your needs.

disabled wetroom Installation wet room

Some Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I have a wetroom on the first floor?”Yes. wetrooms are perfectly fine on upper floors. The key is attention to detail and the right kind of waterproofing tanking.

“Can It be tiled?”Yes. providing the wet base platforms are contoured to the drain. Large tiles will need to be cut in places to allow a natural flow of water.

“Can wet rooms be installed onto a concrete floor?”Yes. Please note works will have to take place to chisel out the drain and also the necessary connecting pipework.

“Can wet rooms be installed onto a timber floor?”Yes. On a timber floor, a wet room drain platform is installed between the joists to create a gentle slope that replaces the need for a traditional shower tray. The whole room is waterproofed (Tanked) following the installation of the drain platform and drainage systems and before tiling commences.

“Can I have underfloor heating in a wet room?” – Yes. Electric and piped underfloor heating can be installed directly under wet room tiles.

Are you ready to begin showering in luxury and consequently take your bathroom right into the 21st century? You sure should be.

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