Is your boiler ready for winter!? The summer is well and truly over. The nights get longer, the days shorter. The cold is here. Is your boiler ready for winter?

For the next six months your boiler is essential for you and the family. For landlords, the boiler is equally as important for you and your tenant. The consequences of not having a regular service can be severe.

When was your boiler last serviced?

Breakdowns are frequent at this time of year. If you haven’t turned the heating on for a long period, the pumps can seize due to a lack of use. Your boiler might fire up, but it won’t produce any heat, leaving you stranded for days on end.boiler-service-bristol

Inefficiency is also common. Boilers that are not regularly serviced run poorly, costing you extra to heat your home, eating away at your hard-earned cash as the cost of Christmas rapidly approaches.

Commercial and rental properties require an annual service of their boiler and heating systems. By law, landlords must provide tenants with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

Most importantly, though, the left-alone boiler can produce a higher rate of carbon monoxide emissions, proving a danger for you, your family or your tenant.

The risks are too great to delay a service any longer.

A service to your boiler is quick, easy and affordable. This usually takes around one hour and involves stripping down the boiler, checking its components and cleaning the combustion chamber.

At CPM Exeter Ltd, we regularly undertake such work. We employ a range of fully qualified and legislated plumbing and heating engineers, who are registered with Gas Safe and Oftec to carry out both commercial and domestic work involving natural gas, oil and LPG alongside more general plumbing enquiries. Call us now a free, no obligation quote so we can ensure you are safe and secure for the cold months ahead.