When a problem arises within our homes in the UK, whether it’s a broken sink or faulty electrics, our initial reaction is to go to Homebase, B&Q or another DIY store to find the solution. On occasions the problem may not be that simple to solve, but it’s where many begin their DIY journey. This however may not remain a regular british tradition for much longer if the recent reports in the media are anything to go by! Both Homebase and B&Q have recently released information that they are closing over 140 stores combined and this is just the plan for this year. Is the UK in fact falling out of love with DIY?

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Online Inspiration and Shopping

With online shopping sales growing and becoming the preferred option over the high street and retail parks, this may be a factor of why the DIY market is changing. Firstly, sites such as Ebay and Amazon sell virtually every DIY tool for a fraction of the retail price. We’ve all been lured by the sales, bargains and disguised knock off’s these sites hold. In the building industry this isn’t a good thing for anyone, especially not your property. When faulty tools and cheap hardware are being mass produced and used to fix our homes, over time it results in further destruction, even more risk and even more costs. So you can see why our love for DIY is on the decrease.

Is Our Generation the Cause?

B&Q seem to think otherwise, blaming it on “a less skilled generation”. Although this is seemingly comical, could this be true? Is laziness, bad products, cost and time leading us into a nation of people who should avoid DIY altogether? If a less skilled generation is the case, will the UK begin neglecting their homes due to laziness and lack of skills?

This is an interesting notion that has be exploited through the words of The Telegraph’s Martin Dauby.

“undeniably, today’s 20- and 30-somethings don’t seem to possess your traditional “dad skills”. The dismal fact that a mere five per cent of 18-24s would attempt to unblock a sink doesn’t bode well for humanity – unless you’re a plumber.”

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Professional Services are a Better Option

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So what are your alternatives to doing it yourself? Have you the tools or knowledge to create the perfect bathroom or kitchen in Exeter home? The solution could be is to call in an expert or team of trade professionals. This will give you peace of mind, reduce your home’s risks, improve your living standards, save you money and ultimately, help to avoid dodgy DIY jobs.

What are the Benefits?

For one, local builders who are just down the road can be called out as fast as the problem occurs. Not only will they be travelling to you locally rather than from across the country, they will be bringing the right knowledge, a toolbox full of professional tools and a customer guarantee. This will ensure your home’s problems are fixed to the highest standard and will leave you with the confidence that DIY doesn’t usually give you.

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What to do Next

Speak to our team of career DIY experts and consult with them before making a mistake that may cost you more than you wanted.

Contact us for a FREE same day quotation for any home improvements you have in mind. We are here to help make your home the perfect environment you deserve, whether you have already started a DIY project or not.

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