Should you look to upgrade your current home or move altogether? We would advise the former. With new planning permission guidelines being slackened and the uncertainty of the UK housing market synonymous with the precarious nature of Brexit, we assess why now is the best time for an Exeter extension

Why Choose an Exeter Extension over a New Home?

We recently outlined Five House Extensions That Don’t Require Planning Permission, while focusing on the fact that relaxed planning permission guidelines has made it possible for UK homeowners to add value to their home without going through a painstaking regulation process. Now, with more people taking advantage of the new guidelines and opting to extend, as opposed to making an up size move, we explore why it is now the best time to develop your existing property with our Exeter builders and Exeter extensions team.

A Safer Financial Option In Today’s Climate

Extending your home is a pretty safe, cost-effective investment with the improvements being made during the process to be reflected in the valuation of your home when you come to look elsewhere. This is especially true when considering the uncertainty of what will happen to the UK economy in the aftermath of the eventual exit from the EU. Therefore, from a financial perspective, a home extension undoubtedly seems the more secure option.

It has been the safer option for the majority of homeowners across the nation for a number of years and this perspective is enhanced by the current political and social situation. The reduction in planning permission costs, due to the aforementioned altered guidelines, is another pro for the option of a house extension Exeter, over a move to a new property. 

Our highly experienced and attentive Exeter extensions team always take the living conditions of the customers as the number one priority. We understand that there may be some disruptions in the home extension process, although we account for your every need to ensure that your comfort is not compromised whilst your home improvements are in motion. 

extension and money

Get Even More Joy Out of Your Existing Home

Aside from bringing monetary benefits for you and your family, a home extension can further the joy you get from a property that you already love. Moving home can be a risk in more than one sense as you may regret the decision to up sticks. Further short term, and potentially costly changes, may need to be made to ensure you are happy with the living situation. So, if you already love your home and the neighbourhood you reside in, why choose to move elsewhere when you can improve your current property with an Exeter extension? 

CPM Extensions Exeter & Throughout the South West

Contact us if you wish to learn more about undergoing an extension in Exeter with a leading South West construction company. We have carried out home extensions throughout the entire region and have helped many happy customers develop their home while increasing its value. 

Why not make use of our home extension calculator at the bottom of the dedicated extensions Exeter page? The calculator will give you an estimate on how much your home extension may cost, but is not a final valuation. This feature asks you for the following information:

  • Home extension type – single or two-storey?
  • How are you measuring your proposed extension, in feet or metres?
  • What is the length of the extension?
  • What is the width of your extension?

If you feel it more appropriate for our professional house extension Exeter team to come and assess the opportunity for an extension, book a no-obligation free same day quotation