Interior Design Trends 2014. This year we have advanced in technology and design, and this includes interior trends. However, for many of us, it is also still a year of frugality. If you’re bored of looking at the same old white walls, redecorating is an inexpensive and impressive way to completely rejuvenate your home. Here at CPM our professional decorators are always up-to-date with the latest interior fashions, so here is a guide to the 2014 interior design top trends.

Outside, inside

In 2014, bespoke interior designers have been emulating features from the great outdoors in their work. Awe-inspiring features such as fireplaces displayed in a cascade of natural stones climbing up multiple floors may not be the extremes that everyone wants in their home, but there are a number of ways you can bring a taste of the natural world into your home.
Professional painters and decorators  can create a colour scheme of earthy tones to give your front room an essence of environmental ease, or even paint delicate leaves on an area of wall for a truly unique natural detail.

Around the world

Another interior trend that is very popular at the moment is embracing patterns and textures from across the globe. An authentic cushion from another country is a brilliant way to add a bit of colour and personality into your room. However, for this trend to be as striking as it can, it is best when combined with clean, classic wall decoration.
Get your room wall boarded and professionally painted for a classic chic finish, with even colour and flawless attention to detail. Against this minimalist backdrop, ethnic furnishings stand out in their full glory.

Floral finishes

You might not think that floral designs are for you, but this trend is no longer the territory of Grandma’s cushions. Floral designs are available in a multitude of looks, from soft countryside prints to abstract monochromes. Flower patterns should be used in moderation – couple with modern art or metal to add edge to this style.
One way to do so is by painting the wall your floral furnishing is near a muted colour such as grey or navy, with the rest of the room white. Our expert decorators can advise you on what colour would suit your home and tastes, to make this trend original.

Walls get glamorous

This style comes back into fashion every few years – the glamorous wallpaper. Whether you want to go for a statement art deco design or a bold baroque print, intricate patterns of all shapes and colours are very on-point at the moment.
CPM are experts in fitting wallpaper to a perfectionist’s highest standard, and we can ensure that your room looks as glamorous as you could imagine when envisaging this design trend.

Colourful accents

Summer calls for a dash of colour to brighten up the day, but this style adds character to your home all year round. The emphasis this year is very much on interchangeable accents such as chairs or home accessories, that can be used in different rooms and combinations to create a multitude of versatile effects.
However, the interior design industry is also seeing splashes of colour on central walls and even now on kitchen cabinets, bringing a new lease of live to an ordinary-looking room. Our decorating specialists Exeter can paint any part of your home to meet all of your tone and hue needs.

An abundance of blue or a touch of turquoise

Two colours that are showing up on all the latest designer interiors are blue and turquoise. Navy is very ‘Vogue’ in 2014 due to its relaxing properties, but many people are choosing to decorate their homes in an array of blues, sometimes even more than one shade. Turquoise is being used in bathrooms and kitchens across the world to reflect the skies and seas in a refreshing dash of colour. Framed against stone or bright whites, turquoise can look extremely sleek.
Whether you want to challenge traditional conventions with a cobalt blue wall and matching/mismatching (it’s a fine line, but that’s the beauty of it) navy home accessories, or calm your senses with a sublime shade of turquoise, our Exeter painters can ensure that your new decor brings colour to your home and life.

Muted monochromes

However, if bright colours aren’t your thing, don’t worry, another key interior trend of 2014 is the polar opposite – monochrome. Many interior experts are using textures of white and black to ignite a sense of Parisian style, with dark grey-blacks and off-whites. These softer tones take the edge of what could otherwise be a harsh colour scheme to create a comfortable, timeless image.
Muted monochromes are perfect for a modern kitchen, as this style requires very little upkeep. It’s important when painting with white and black to hire a decorating expert, as even the slightest mistake will stand out. Luckily, CPM can execute this style to the utmost detail, creating a sophisticated interior that will outlast any fashion season.

Written by Emma Thomas