Maximise Your Space with Loft Conversions. Anyone who watches Grand Designs, Amazing Spaces or any programme demonstrating homeowners with ingenuity creating amazing living spaces out of the available space in their home will know that incredible effects can be achieved with a loft conversion. Gorgeous bedrooms, spacious studies and cosy retreats are among the many possibilities of a loft conversion.

CPM Exeter in East Devon are proud to be leading loft conversion specialists, having already built hundreds of Loft Conversion Spacestunning loft conversions Exeter over the past 20 years. Here is a guide to how our expert builders could completely revitalise your loft space for the ideal home.

Avoid the Exeter property ladder with a loft conversion

With rising house prices making tackling the property market increasingly difficult and a lack of available housing, moving home can be tricky. Perhaps you love your current home, your neighbours are great, or you just live in a great location, but you’ve got a new addition to the family on the way? Why should you have to move out of the home you know and love when you could more easily take it to its full potential as an expansive family abode?

Loft conversions add value to your home

With a little help from professional builders, a loft conversion can maximise space you already own to create wonderful new rooms. And it’s cheaper! Loft conversions can cost from £16,000 for a single room to £40,000 for 2 bedroom and a bathroom, however, this is significantly cheaper than any house on the market. On top of this, a loft conversion can add between £22,000 and £45,000 to the value of your home, so if you do move in the future you will be better off.

The ethical option

Building a loft conversion in Exeter is also the more ethical option. They say you should use the resources at hand, and what could be better recycling than renovating your home? As overcrowding is a big problem in the UK, thinking vertically saves space for other houses, and preserving the environment. In fact, loft conversions can be so environmentally-friendly that you may be able to apply for a grant from an Exeter specialist to help cover the costs.

Renovate your home with ease

The first thing to check before you decide to go ahead with a loft conversion is the height of your loft space. If you can stand up at the highest point of your loft, and it stands at 2.3 metres from floor to roof, then you are good to go. Next you’ll need to apply for planning permission, but this is usually relatively straightforward. Then you will want to find the most trusted builders in Exeter to make your vision a reality – and that’s where we step in! We work closely with you to ensure every detail you have dreamed is achieved.

With CPM, loft conversions are simple, non-disruptive, timely, affordable, and of course conducted to the highest building standard. Alongside carrying out all of your building needs, our loft conversion specialists Exeter can perform structure design, architecture, along with supporting you in planning and building applications, and surveying and project management. A loft conversion is considerably less disruptive than moving house as you can continue living in your home and don’t have to transport all of your belongings, or do the dreaded unpacking.

Take your home to a new level with a fresh space, designed as an escape from daily life, or as a complementary upstairs to fit in with your comfortable, beloved home. Whatever your imagination yields, CPM’s building experts can realise a stylish, practical and secure loft conversion. So, clear out your cardboard boxes and make way for an amazing new home from within the walls you know and love.