Here is our Ideas for a Loft Conversions. *According to Nationwide, this would add an average of 21% to a home’s value, or £63,000 if the house was worth £300,000 before the work commenced. There are many ways in which you can increase your space and property value, adding a modern property extension, a light conservatory or loft conversion are the best ways. A reasonably decent loft conversion costs in the region of £30,000 – £40,000 but they can start at around £15,000.

So clean out the old toasters, toys and brick and brack from your loft and optimise your space. Creating an extra floor to your home! Turn your Dark Dreary old Loft into a Beautiful light space, whether it’s for the kids as a playroom or a grown-up escape from the kids to do work while at the same time increasing your house value. Winner Winner!

We are Complete Project Management (CPM) and we are devon builders in the South West with over 20 years experience in the industry. We specialise in Loft conversions, extensions, kitchens, bathrooms and much more. Lately due to our increase in loft conversions our customers have been looking for a simple guide as to what to expect when starting the process of loft conversions. Have a read of this helpful article we have put together. If you are thinking about it and would love some advice or have any questions then contact one of our specialists at Complete Project Management (CPM) on 01392 925045 today! We can come out a complete a free quotation and loft evaluation.

1. Clear the Clutter…

Depending on the type of loft structure and space that you have, adding loft conversions can be one of the easiest ways to add extra space and value to your home. So clear out the cobwebs and all the clutter, take it all to the car boot sale and make some money to put towards furnishings for your new loft space. You will be surprised at how big your loft space is once everything is cleared from the loft.

2. Tape measure at the ready…

Get clear indications of your dimensions, think of things such as head height, what furniture you are thinking of having? If you are converting to a bedroom, study, playroom or even a gym. Don’t forget you will have to accommodate a staircase leading to the loft. Make the best use of the space it is best that the staircase follows on from the existing staircase. There is no point in adding extra space by adding a loft conversion and then losing a room because the staircase fills the rooms.

3. Can your home take the weight of the loft conversion?

Clearly having the loft converted will add weight to your house and, you’ll need to make sure that the structure of the building can take it. Your Building Control officer will also want to check all these elements, so dig a small hole to expose the foundations first. Hopefully, the answer will be that your house can take the weight as if this isn’t the case then it can increase the build cost substantially.

4. The Complex Stuff = Simplified

Loft conversions will always need approval from “Building & Regulations” irrespective of whether planning permission is required or not so remember to get this done first of all. Get the plans drawn up, get them checked and confirmed before finding a builder as this then takes away any risk out of the works and also means the builder can give you a fixed quote. Then notify your neighbours of the plans especially if you’re a terraced house or semi-detached. Under the Party Wall Act 1996 you are required to make sure they are aware of your plans.

Most roofs are constructed with internal support struts in the loft. All these beams have to be removed to make way for the new room and replaced with new supports that don’t impose on the space in your new loft. In smaller lofts, it is often the case that the floor joists themselves will be used to support the sloping rafters. It’s possible by constructing a dwarf timber stud wall 1m to 1.5m high, once these are in place the beams can then safely be removed.

loft stairs

5. Climbing the steps to your Sanctuary…

The guide to loft stairs! Whether you prefer an upmarket modern twisting staircase, a narrow space saving hidden staircase or a cost saving basic wooden staircase. It doesn’t matter that much which you go for as long as it fits and it’s safe. Prices range from around £100-£1500 depending on which website you’re looking at. This is the best website I found for loft stairs – click here to view

Ask your joiner or builder to send Building Control a copy of the design. Your stairways should lead to a hall and an external door. If you have an open-plan arrangement where the stairs rise from a room, it is likely you’ll have to alter it, fitting a new partition wall or choice of escape routes.

6. Light it up!

There is nothing worse than a dark room with one lamp and no natural lighting. We would recommend getting a loft window, skylight or even Dormer windows. Window don’t just add light, but they can also add warmth too. If you ensure to buy the right sort of triple glazed UPVC windows.

7. Keep it Cosy and Warm..

Insulation is critical, after all, you have paid to keep you house warm in the Winter. So with standards being increased and loft conversions have become awkward to insulate. The sloping ceiling will need insulation cut and fitted between the rafters, and on top of them. Using high-performance insulation like foam board for all of these areas would be best.

8. Shhh, stop being so loud up there!!

There is nothing worse than the sound of stamping feet, chatting and it sounding like you have a herd of Elephants upstairs. Sound proofing is a luxury, but we believe it to be quite important that there is peace and privacy between floors. The new floor can be soundproofed by laying a mineral fibre quilt between the joists. Lining the framework in a timber stud will help you achieve both sound and heat insulation, then you can also cover it with sound rated plasterboard.

9. Fire safety is no joke

  • Make sure the windows are large enough to climb out of
  • Ensure that mains powered smoke alarms are installed on each floor
  • Consider the possibility of a fire escape door
  • Fireproofing also means re-plastering the walls and roofs with fire retardant plaster
  • Self-closing doors are no longer required in homes as they have been proven to be a health and safety hazard to small children. As their fingers may get trapped in them.

loft conversion ideas

10. Home Furnishings

Add space and value to your home with this guides on loft conversions and adding an extra storey to your home. Paint the loft walls a same neutral colour and try different shades of the same colour to add depth and exaggerate the shapes of the attic space. Use the awkward space for storage! Get some built in wardrobes to hide away any unattractive clutter. Be creative with your loft space, add a little touch of you. I’m thinking picture frames, bunting, scatter cushions, feature lamps and mirrors create the illusions of more space. You could even add an extra bathroom if you have this space and this would also increase the value margins even more.

I hope you’ve found this useful, please contact our helpful team at Complete Project Management (CPM) based at the Old Coal Yard, Exmouth Junction in Exeter on 01392 925045 or email us at