How to Approach a House Build in Summer! House builds are often the most popular choice for those looking to invest in their future through construction work. This is especially true of the summer months where good conditions and long days maximise productivity, allowing builders to complete jobs efficiently. House building is currently the most common type of construction project being undertaken in the UK, so if the sight of many new home sites and the sunshine is getting you thinking about approaching your own new build, now is a great time to start planning! Here are some tips to get you started…

Planning your new home

The first part of any house build is planning. You need to decide what kind of property you are building, how much money you are willing to spend on the project and what you will get out of that budget, along with the time you have to complete it and where you will live during the process. This may seem like a long process, but it is essential to be clear on what you’re doing before you begin a project to keep it on target financially and practically. During this time it would be great to get in contact with a professional construction firm to gain advice on costs, procedures and timescales.

Building regulations and planning permission Exeter

Planning permission and building regulations can be a tricky situation to tackle in a time when there are so many buildings going up every day and restrictions are so tight. But, of course, they’re there for a reason – to keep us safe and happy, and they are actually relatively easy to follow if you speak to an expert who understands the system.

Hiring the right builders in Exeter

It is essential to hire the best builders possible when organising your house build – after all, the property is where you’re going to be living and every detail will be determined between yourself and the contractor you choose. The perfect building company is fully qualified, well reputed, experienced, friendly and professional. When deciding on a firm of builders Exeter to take on your project, ensure they are communicative and will be able to carry out work at a good pace to a high standard, whilst also being considerate of your needs through keeping the site tidy and your wishes fulfilled.

To find the best team, search online directories, ask trusted tradespeople you may know, check online reviews and listen to recommendations from friends and family. At CPM builders Exeter we are dedicated to offering specialist knowledge and exquisite execution of jobs to affordable budgets and efficient time schedules in every building job we do. Our team has decades of experience and expert knowledge, enabling them to work with your vision to create the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of. Our Exeter plumbers can get your home up and running, and our painters and decorators Exeter will finish your home off beautifully so that it is the most amazing environment to live in as soon as you make the move.

Our customers agree, as you can see from our many positive testimonials, such as this one from a very happy client:

“We have used CPM for numerous jobs ranging from a complete kitchen renovation to emergency building work. Every job has been completed with total satisfaction. One of CPM’s biggest strengths is their ability to communicate potential problems and suggest realistic resolutions if they do occur, they are problem solvers not problem identifiers. We will continue to recommend them to anyone wanting a no fuss no hassle service from a quality firm.”
Mr. Dean Hain, St Thomas, Exeter

If you’re thinking of making your dream home a reality, Exeter builders at CPM are ready to make it happen. With the best of experience and skill, top of the range equipment and the most friendly attitude you’ll find, we can make building your very own house a smooth, enjoyable experience, with the end product outliving even your highest expectations!