How much do building extensions cost? If you are considering building an extension there are a variety of things you must take into account including but not limited to; the type of ground conditions i.e the soil layers and how easy it is to dig out the foundations and if there are any pipe work that would need moving; how easy is it to access the area that you’re planning to build the extension as some properties are only accessible through the house itself and therefore some machinery couldn’t be used in this instance; the current structural conditions of the house must be taken into account as supporting beams may need to be installed to ensure that house doesn’t fall down whilst the build is being done; your location does play a part in the overall build cost as if it is located near to material and services this will bring down the cost; checking the building regulations in your area is a must before commencing any extension work and these can differ dramatically from place to place

The cost of building a home extension can vary depending on these factors. Estimating a cost for an extension depends on the individual specification. However the average UK extension build cost you would expect to pay is 30k. Of course there are many factors that would contribute to the cost,  assessing the build would be the first course of action to determine an estimate.

We can visit you at your home to discuss your extension ideas with you, take measurements  so we can provide a no obligation quote for the required extension work.

Not every building extension requires planning approval so you might be able to extend your house under a certificate of lawfulness. Contact us if you would like any advice, a quote for a job or anything else related to building extensions.