Viewing what could potentially be your new home should always involve more than just a casual browse around the rooms and a flick of a switch. CPM (Complete Project Management) have combined their expertise and industry knowledge to create a guide to help you with what might be the biggest investment of your life.

This guide is easy to use and covers the most important aspects to consider when viewing any house. Keeping a record of all your house viewings will give you the extra confidence when making the final decision when making an offer! In addition if this list highlights any concerns then you may want to investigate into them further before making an offer or even reduce your offer price backed up by your findings below.

Tick the points as you go so you don’t miss a thing!

Front and Back Garden:

  • Look for uneven ground
  • Check how big the driveway is and what condition it’s in
  • Check if the path is in good condition
  • Check if the fence is sturdy and if it maintains privacy
  • Check if the garden can be overlooked by neighbours
  • Look at how easy the garden is to maintain
  • Look at what direction the garden is facing


  • Check for any signs of flooding
  • Look for partially blocked sewers or stormwater drains
  • Check if there is water overflowing
  • Be aware of damp or unpleasant smells
  • Check for a build up of leaves
  • Check if all drain covers are secure and have no cracks


  • Check for missing or cracked slates and tiles
  • Check if tiles are misaligned or seem out of place
  • Check if there is any visible rust among the tiles
  • Check if there are metal tags indicating past displacement
  • Check if you can you get easy access to the attic space


  • Look out for split or damaged gutters
  • Check whether gutter joints have been pulled apart
  • Check if the gutters have any holes
  • Look for any drips or blockages
  • Look for damp staining down the outside of the wall
  • Check there is no vegetation growth in the gutter
  • Be aware of damp smells


  • Look for a leaning or bulging chimney stack
  • Look for deterioration of the mortar (brickwork joints)
  • Check failed and displaced render or leadwork
  • Look out for any visible signs of damage
  • Check for dampness leaking into the roof space below
  • Look out for white salts coming out of the brickwork
  • Check if there is brown staining on the chimney breast
  • Check for small plants growing from the chimney stack

Front Entrance:

  • Check if the front door opens and closes properly
  • Check for a good locking system
  • Look for rust
  • Check for cracks in the plasterwork


  • Check if the installed alarms work
  • Check if the burglar alarm has a maintenance contract
  • Check whether the mains connected smoke alarms
  • Look if there is a carbon monoxide alarm installed


  • Check for raised external ground levels
  • Look out for rotting wood (especially in the bathroom area)
  • Check for springiness in the floor
  • Look if there are worn carpets


  • Look for cracks more than 3mm in brickwork
  • Look for dampness on walls and ceilings
  • Check if there is bulging of the wall
  • Check if there are rippling effects in the wallpaper
  • Check if there is any black or green mould growth
  • Check for a musty smell


  • Check if there is brittle or cracking sealant around the frame
  • Look if the windows fit in their frames
  • Check for water running down windows with pools at the base
  • Look for signs of rot
  • Check whether the windows are lockable
  • Check if they have a certificate of installation and a guarantee

Electrical Wiring:

  • Check the light switches work
  • Look at the switchboard for any discolouration
  • Check the condition of the sockets
  • Check if there are any exposed wires

Central Heating/Boiler:

  • Check if the heating works efficiently
  • Check how long it takes for hot water to come through
  • Check if there are any signs of dripping or rust
  • Check for signs of damp patches under the radiator valves
  • Check for a regular maintenance contract for the boiler
  • Look at the general appearance of the boiler


  • Check the extra work or features by previous owners
  • Look out for work that’s not on the house plan
  • Check the loft conversion plans, layout and finish


  • Look for teeth marks on boxes or bags in the attic
  • Check for traces of droppings
  • Check the attic for any sign of wasps nests

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CPM (Complete Project Management) provide free advice to home buyers in relation to maintenance and buildings. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak with an expert.

Good luck and happy hunting!