Your home’s interior and exterior can change drastically over the years and it usually takes another pair of eyes to point this out as you wouldn’t necessarily notice the changes. The problem that you will face as a homeowner will be the fact that potential underlying damages are very deceptive and virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. So to help you we have created a guide to help identify what the most common risks are. Can your home afford another year without inspection?

1. Inspect the Roof

Ferocious winds will become your worst enemy because of the damage they inflict on the roof of your home. Be aware of missing or broken roof tiles, leaks and general damages. We understand that many people are unable to climb up and view the roof from a height that will suffice, that’s where our roofing services come in. Contact us if you think your roof could be a danger!

2. Look for Leaks

Look around the house for damp patches on the ceiling, this is usually the first indicator of a water leak and will need to be fixed ASAP before danger strikes. A house leak can be detected if you locate the problem quickly as the damage can lead to discoloured patches around your home, specifically the ceilings and the walls, along with other complications. To fix this problem. you will have to consider re-plastering those damp patches of which the CPM team can fix, giving your home those finishing touches to make it look as good as new.

3. Check your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s brickwork or stonework are the 2 main things to keep an eye on regarding property maintenance. Look for cracks in your walls, the hotter days and heat expansion will only emphasize them and make them more of a threat to your home this summer. Also keep an eye on missing bricks or stones and remember, this is where the wasps nests will be found in the coming months. If there has been damage to your home’s exterior, our expert builders will fix the problem in no time to give you a stress free summer.

4. Check Your Home’s Foundations

It’s well worth checking the foundations of your home to make sure each and every wall is straight. If the foundations of your house have shifted, other key signs to look out for are bulges or curves in the walls, this will need to be corrected swiftly to ensure minimal overall damage to your home. Our property maintenance team will be able to let you know ifhow big the problem is if you suspect movement, keeping your home safe for the foreseeable future.

5. Keep an Eye Out For Mould

If mould has begun to grow in your home, you will smell it and in many cases see it, depending on the location. Almost like a game of hide and seek, look in the most secretive corners of your home no matter how small or big. Once detected you will need to clean it up in the first instance to avoid any dangerous spores and then find out the root cause and tackle it so it doesn’t become a reoccuring issue.

6. Be Aware of Unwanted Wildlife

Wildlife, like humans, crave warmth, food and to be hidden from the British weather during winter. This is why animals such as foxes, bats, pigeons,  cats, hedgehogs, rabbits, squirrels, frogs and insects can inhabit your home. Look out for frayed wires, and other evidence of animals being present. Tighten up the hatches and keep them out, of course only if they aren’t your pet!

7. Check your Windows and Doors

Are your windows or doors letting any air in or out? Check this by inspecting the seals, whether they’re misshapen, growing mould or simply no longer energy efficient, this will have a huge effect on your property. This can usually be fixed with ease and if maintained the correct way, won’t happen again.

8. Check Your Smoke Alarms

Every homeowner should test their smoke alarms and replace the batteries frequently. Resetting your alarm then testing it with smoke from a single lit match will truly tell if your alarms are working. The test button may be lying to you so be sure!

9. Have your Fireplace Inspected

A fireplace inspection, especially with a gas fire is essential in property maintenance. This will need to be checked frequently to make sure there are no harmful chemicals, gases or smoke being distributed. Keep your family safe by checking this as a priority.

10. Schedule a Home Maintenance Evaluation

Receiving a home evaluation will give you peace of mind and bring to light any problems you may have missed. Once you have checked this off your list, your home will be as it once was and ready to survive with confidence over the years to come.

From small repairs to full makeovers we act quickly to ensure the safety of your home and the residents aren’t in danger.

If your home’s exterior or foundations becomes a worry, contact our team of experts and arrange for a free site visit to discuss your options and to receive a same day quotation.

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