Whether you’re looking to make a sideways or upwards extension, you’ll be interested to know exactly what the latest permitted development rights enables you to do. Our Exeter extensions team have all the information required. Here, we will discuss five types of home extensions that can be built without planning permission, as well as the regulations attached to each.

Rear Home Extension

The latest changes to Permitted Development guidelines across England mean that in the majority of areas – but, of course, not on designated land – you can add a single-storey rear extension up to eight metres from the existing rear of the property. This has recently changed from four metres, enabling home owners and extension builders in Exeter, much greater scope for ingenuity and innovation.

The Planning Portal report that these changes in regulations were set to expire soon, however the government has abandoned that decision and the alterations will now be made permanent. They state: “The increased size limits for single-storey rear extensions that were previously time limited, and due to expire on 30 May 2019, have now been made permanent by government.”

Loft Conversion / Loft Extension

loft conversion in exeter

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Thinking of a loft conversion in Exeter? We’ve used our industry knowledge and creative flair to convert numerous disused loft spaces into vibrant, warm and welcoming spaces. A loft conversion must not exceed:

  • 40 cubic metres for terraced houses.
  • 50 cubic metres for semi-detached and detached houses.

This provides homeowners with plentiful opportunity to convert a room abandoned by so many and often utilised to store items that you don’t want to see lying around the rooms you actually make use of. These regulations mean that a loft can be transformed into a large master bedroom, complete with an en suite, or into two smaller bedrooms and a bathroom.

Double Height Addition

Homeowners will be pleased to know that two-storey rear house extensions are also possible without planning permission, in accordance with certain regulations. The following stipulations give clients looking to extend their property a fair degree of freedom:

  • It must not exceed three metres in depth.
  • It must not be within 7cm of the back boundary.

A two-storey rear extension enables homeowners to increase the size of an existing upstairs room, ordinarily a bathroom, or add another room entirely. Our team of expert bathroom fitters are on hand to transform your current bathroom or to create a brand new bathroom, working closely with you to deliver the project exactly as you imagine it.

Whatever you decide to create with your double height addition, whether it’s a bedroom, wet room, upstairs living space or anything else imaginable, we have an experienced team that will cater to your every requirement.

A Garden Room or Outhouse


There are countless styles of outbuildings to consider and, in line with that, there’s also a long list of purposes that a garden room can fulfil – a garden office, personal gym, a games room and additional living room, to name a few.

Again, the directive surrounding this type of extension also supplies relative leeway – a new building located in the garden area must not exceed 50% of the land surrounding the original property. When contemplating this option, you’ll want to consider the uses of any existing out-buildings or sheds, as these are also included in the total.

Side Home Extension

side extension exeter

Image source: Richard Leeming

Do you have a redundant space to the side of your house? Make full use of your space and create larger rooms with a side extension. This type of extension can turn a small, narrow space into a generous, light-filled room. A single story side extension is permitted up to 4 metres high and at a width no more than 50% of that of the original property.

If the extension is within two metres of the property boundary, then the eaves height should not surpass three metres. A side extension is usually undertaken on a kitchen but, of course, could be carried out on any room bordering a vacant piece of land to the side of the house.

Efficient, Thorough House Extensions From CPM

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At CPM, we understand that it’s frustrating when there’s not a clear, followable structure regarding availability and organisation, for both our clients and workforce alike. That’s why we have an availability calendar, displaying the date and time of available slots for customers to request a no obligation, free same day quotation.

Our specialist Exeter extension builders and extension builders in Somerset have the capacity to undertake any project, no matter how large-scale. We’re based in Exeter, but deploy our diligent, industry focused team all over the South West. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our extension services or to discuss any other sector of ours.