Facts about Exeter, A did you know? If you live in or near Exeter you may be interested in finding out some interesting facts about Exeter. We have created this infographic for anyone living or interested in the great city. We hope you enjoy!

Exeter Builders Infographic

Exeter Facts you may not have known

Where is the oldest hotel in Britain?
Royal Clarence Hotel is the oldest in Britain. Built in 1769, some parts date back to the 1500’s.

What could be the impact of rising home prices in Exeter?
7 out of 10 Exeter based 10 year olds will not be able to afford to buy their own home if rates of home building do not increase.

How many people love Exeter on Facebook?
Over 11,500 people claim to love Exeter on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ILoveExeter

How long ago were witches active in Exeter?
On 19th August 1962, 3 women were the last to be tried for witchcraft related activities. Six days after being found guilty they were hanged just outside Exeter

Which famous people come from Exeter?
Many Famous People come from Exeter, including… JK Rowling, Tommy Cooper, Chris Martin, William Temple

How energy efficient are new homes that have been built in Exeter?
Homes that are built in Exeter now are 6 times more energy efficient than a home built in 1900

Are there CCTV Cameras in Exeter?
If you go out in Exeter you are likely to be caught on camera over 300 times a day.

Which is the wettest month in Exeter and which is the driest?
January is officially the wettest month in Exeter and July the driest.

Is cycling becoming more popular in Exeter?
Exeter has seen a 40% increase in local cycling since 2005

When is it thought that Exeter was first populated?
Exeter was first occupied in 250BC in the Hellenistic period

How do people like to communicate in Exeter?
Exeter has seen a decline in the volume of texts sent from mobile phones in 2013 as web based messaging services take over

How many searches are carried out on Google every month for the keyword “Exeter”?
Monthly Google Searches for “Exeter”
January 60,500 a month
April 49,500 a month
Aug 60,500 a month
Dec 40,500 a month

How much more pay on average do workers get in Exeter to Plymouth workers
20% more pay if you work in Exeter on average to Plymouth

Is Exeter a good place to start a business?
Exeter has been identified as one of the TOP 10 most profitable businesses to be based

How safe are Exeter’s roads?
Exeter’s roads are over 50% safer than the rest of the country

How much have house prices risen in Exeter?
Exeter House Prices have risen by 5.5% 2013-2014

How much water do I use every day?
On average every Exeter Resident uses 160 Litres of Water everyday

How many new homes are being built in Exeter?
16k New Homes are currently being developed by Exeter builders including Newcourt, Monkerton, South West Exeter and Cranbrook

If I hash tagged #Exeter in twitter how many accounts could I potentially reach?
#EXETER Tweets Can reach over 67k accounts

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Exeter Facts