We all love livening up the appeal of our gardens with both subtle and large scale additions and the garden design industry is booming in the UK right now. With people seeking the most appropriate areas for all family members to enjoy scorching summer days and long relaxing nights, an outbuilding could provide just that.

As the summer heat intensifies and temperatures rise, our Exeter builders are on hand to provide practical, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting outbuildings that you’ll enjoy for many a year. An outbuilding could be an ideal place for you to get away and relax, host parties with family and friends or for the kids to play in.

Types of Outhouses and Summer Houses 

Of course, there are many variations of outbuildings and garden buildings. We love to see customers be creative in their plans while our team of experienced builders in Devon has the ability to transform even the most complex of plans into reality. We’ve outlined just a few of the most common types of outbuildings and some useful information surrounding each:

Concrete building on a new concrete foundation:

  • Typical duration period: three weeks to a month. 
  • This common type of outbuilding is generally one of the most expensive, due to the materials used, the longevity associated with these materials and the labour involved in bringing all aspects together.

Timber cabin / summer house:

  • Usually takes between 10 days and two weeks to complete.
  • A highly cost-effective option and one that gives great aesthetic benefits! Plenty to admire from the inside when temperatures drop and from the outside in the height of summer. 

Custom built timber summer house

  • Build time depends on the sourcing of materials and convolution of the project/features involved. However, typically speaking, this sort of garden building takes just three weeks to a month to complete. 
  • Provides you with the opportunity to implement your personal, unique notions in a grand fashion!
summer house cpm

Adding A Garden Building – Factors to Consider 

In most cases, a garden building or summer house will not require planning permission as it’ll fall under Permitted Development rights. Invariably, whether you require planning permission or not depends on factors such as the height, size, location and intended use of the building. 

Adding a garden building is a fabulous way of adding a new dimension to your outdoor space, as is a new, vibrant decking and patio. Here are the key points you need to consider before contacting our Exeter and Exmouth builders, with regards to a garden building:

  • The new outbuilding can not exceed 2.5 metres in height.
  • It cannot take up more than half of the area of the existing property. 
  • The building cannot be within two metres of your neighbours boundary. 
  • If you plan to use your outbuilding as accommodation – with a bedroom bathroom or kitchen, say – then you’ll most definitely require planning permission. Although, you may not if you opt for a home extension
  • If you plan on creating a room in which its main purpose isn’t to accommodate – such as a gym, pool/playroom or home office – you would not require planning consent. 

Our team of experts can turn their hand to any type of outbuilding and have also added real appeal to customers’ properties through the building of conservatories in Exeter

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