DIY Jobs you should Leave to the Professionals – Everyone is looking to make their home improvements economically, and sometimes a great way to do this is through DIY. Whilst for some projects, ‘doing it yourself’ can be cheaper and lead to a real sense of accomplishment.

When you can DIY

The best kinds of projects that are easy to do by yourself are small jobs such as simple painting, time consuming DIY Jobs you shouldnt attempt chores such as wallpaper removal and cleanup work such as tidying up a garden. These tasks are safe, and use inexpensive materials saving you money. With these jobs you can get that buzz of performing your own property maintenance with minimum risk. But make sure you do your research beforehand to make sure your goals are achievable and risk-free. If you don’t want to risk causing damage or don’t have the time, hire a painter and decorator.

When NOT to DIY

However, there are times when seeking professional maintenance help is a much better option. Here are a few tips on recognising instances where an expert builder is the way to go.

Safety first
The most important precaution to take before deciding to attempt a DIY job is safety. With a project such as roofing or structural change, the risk of hurting yourself or others is just not worth the money you may save. It may seem obvious, but one small unexpected mistake can be disastrous for you and your property. So, unless you are a professional who knows exactly what to do, don’t try any job that could be dangerous.

One thing to consider when deciding whether or not to call in a professional is the complexity of the job. It may be tempting to attempt big projects on your own, but unless you know every single step of a job inside out, there are a multitude of areas where you could go wrong. Even aesthetic jobs like tiling may appear simply, but measuring and assembling takes a lot of time, and one tile sitting slightly off can ruin the look of your project completely. A trained builder will be able to complete such jobs to a guaranteed level of perfection in no time at all.

Time or money?
‘Time is money’, the saying goes, and this is definitely an important thing to think about when deliberating between DIY and professional. Time may be money, but you need to think about which you can give more of.
For small jobs such as shelving units may be a good choice for DIY as they are quick and easy to do, but many DIY projects will end up taking a lot more time than you might think. A professional builder will be able to execute a job to a high standard in half the time or less than that of an amateur. So, if you’re a busy individual, instead of spending weeks doing DIY after work, maybe calling in a professional for a day or two is a more realistic option.

As the Huffington Post says, DIY disasters can not only eat up a lot of your spare time, but can also be costly. Of course, you will have to buy equipment to attempt the job in the first place, which can be relatively expensive at retail price. Then, if it does go wrong, you might end up paying an emergency contractor to fix mistakes and perform the original work will cost a lot more than if you had employed a builder initially.

Plumbing and Electrics
Beyond unblocking drain or replacing a light fixture, it is not advisable to attempt to do any plumbing or electric works yourself. Botched plumbing can cause a number of problems like an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, which, as well as being dangerous, are seriously unpleasant to deal with. We all know electricity is dangerous, shocking yourself could be deadly, and improperly fitted electrics can cause a number of problems with your home that are a lot more time consuming and expensive to fix than to prevent. With plumbing and electrics, a trained professional can maintain your property quickly, safely and to a high standard.

Insurance and Building Inspector Approval
If your project requires approval by an inspector or is involved in an insurance claim, it’s really not worth trying to DIY. An expert builder, plumber or electrician will know the specific requirements and be able to execute them to a standard that will allow your work to pass inspection.

Our top ten jobs to leave to a pro:

Structural work
Responsive Maintenance
Gas Installation & Maintenance
Wall Boarding
Kitchen Installation

If you’re unsure whether to do it yourself or call in a professional, contact our team of builders in Exeter for a chat. CPM builders can offer you DIY help to avoid any DIY disasters and ensure your property maintenance is smooth, time efficient and affordable.