Are you disabled in Devon and looking to get some house adaptations, here is our top 8 list of things that can be changed in your house and garden to make it feel more like a home.

Here is our top 8 adaptations that can be made to your home:

1 Accessibility Ramps

Getting in and out of your home is a fundamental thing. If you are wheelchair bound or have walking problems, steps can be an issue. With a suitable ramp, you can open up the way you get in and out of your home.

hand rail disabled in devon

2 Hand Rails

If there is anywhere around the home where you need the extra support a handrail can be placed. Whether it’s in the wetroom or in the garden, a handrail can aid you in your day to day activities around the home.

wetroom luxury disabled in devon

3 Wetrooms

Why not add a stylish wetroom in place of a traditional bathroom? You can do away from the bath and in place a full room shower, with many options for tiling, styles, and more. You can even have features such as mechanical slings, rails, lowered sinks, specialist wetroom wheelchairs and specialist toilets.

sash door

4 Doors

Whether it is increasing the width or your door frames, specialist smart electric opening mechanisms or wide sash or sliding doors. You can make getting in and around your home easier and safer.

raised bedding

5 Accessible Gardens

You don’t have to just make the house accessible, you can also get into the garden also. You can have raised flower beds for all your or vegetables, additional levels and inclusion of ramps if you have a hilly garden.

6 Lifts

There are a few options when it comes to lifts in the home, for instance, a simple stair lift wrapping its way up your hall or a vertical lift suitable for one passenger such as Stiltz lifts (As seen on TV) or a larger lift for wheelchairs such as Wessexlifts or just a sling hoist lift for getting into the bath or even your bed.


7 Lowered surfaces

Why stretch when all of your kitchen, bathroom or utility surfaces can be reduced to suit? You don’t even have to worry about the design, such as these Inclusive kitchens from Howdens Kitchens

modern conservatory

8 Extensions

You can even adapt your home to include additional rooms by an addition of an extension. Whether it’s a downstairs bedroom or increasing a kitchen size, a local builder can adapt to make your life easier.

Complete Project Management (CPM) has a team of professional builders that work across Devon. We are more than happy to visit your property and see what sort of work adaptions we can help with. Our specialists will provide a free quotation and expert advice.

So, is there anything you don’t do? No. We do it all.

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