It can be difficult to know where to start when making changes to your kitchen or undergoing a complete revamp. Our Exeter kitchen fitters are here to organise the process, making use of their property management abilities to make the project stress free from start to finish, and superseding the expectations of our clients. 

With a kitchen being the heart of many homes and a room where we do much more than just cook, we are here to ensure that we create a space for people to gather and spend time. A vibrant and inviting kitchen is the gateway to the rest of your home! 

Choose Trusted & Experienced Exeter Kitchen Fitters

We understand that reputation and previous work speaks volumes for new clients, as it let’s them know exactly what to expect in terms of level of service and standard of the complete installation, re-design or refurbishment. Our highly experienced Exeter kitchen installers have been applying their expertise around the South West for decades and have been integral in the transformation of countless kitchens. 

At CPM, we ensure that each and every Exeter kitchen fitter that represents us works with our clients at each stage of the installment or design process, to ensure complete satisfaction in our work. Why not take a look at our list of customer reviews, which involves feedback on our kitchen fitting services?

Bring Natural Light into the Equation 

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You should consider natural light sources, especially if you are undergoing a home extension. We advise clients to consider the prioritisation of maximising light potential when undergoing a kitchen extension or modern re-design. Bi-fold or sliding doors and roof-lights are just two options to consider when commissioning a CPM kitchen fitter in Exeter. Here are some other features that have proved successful in adding natural light to newly fitted or designed kitchens:

  • Roof lanterns
  • Slim framed glass – Maximises light while adding to a clean, modern appeal
  • Introduce mirrors as splashbacks – a great way of bouncing light around your kitchen
  • Consider light coloured, reflective surfaces – such as flooring, worktops and cabinet fronts

Kitchen Layout & Design Features

The layout of your kitchen should be all about optimising functionality and making the most out of the space you have available. When assessing your current kitchen, you may want to ask yourself, are there any elements that would be best to clear out? Once we’ve determined how much space permanent fixings are going to take up, we can start devising a plan on the volume and type of additional design features. Here are a few design ideas:

  • A stylish ‘island’ – the centrepiece of your new kitchen
  • Freestanding kitchen storage areas
  • A larder for essentials
  • Hidden storage spaces
  • Deep drawers – potentially eradicating the need for a kitchen unit

Speak to an Exeter kitchen fitter from CPM if you wish to discuss layout, or any of these design features, in further detail. 

Cabinetry & Flooring

If part of your new kitchen involves the installation of new cabinetry, it makes sense to have new flooring fitted before – maybe you’re considering a new patio to match your new kitchen flooring? Having both new flooring and cabinetry fitted in the same project enables consistency and innovation in the design decision making process, as both can be fitted with the view of complementing each other. It is important to consider fitting flooring before cabinets as it provides greater flexibility and cost effectiveness in the future, if desired. 

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Installation & Design From A CPM Kitchen Fitter in Exeter 

We welcome any kitchen enquiries and are always ready to apply our professionalism to any project. Whether you require a simple refurbishment, an innovative redesign or a complete kitchen installation, our team is ready to take the reins. Contact us to learn more about our kitchen fitting services or, alternatively, book a free same day quotation today.