Lego changes the industry!! In the future, building companies may be modelling their construction practise on their childhood leisure activities, as a developer has created bricks based on the classic toy, Lego. These ‘Smart Bricks’ slot together in a similar way to lego, and are purported to be so efficient that they could significantly cut building costs and labour hours by up to 80%, even potentially lowering energy bills.

Lego-inspired building developmentsThe bricks are currently in a prototype stage, but the designers envisage that they will be made as bespoke using concrete working in conjunction with an architect’s plans to create the bricks themselves. When they are sold they would be sent with a co

Smart Bricks are intended to be used for domestic and corporate builds, including homes, offices, bridges and similnstruction package containing all of the necessary components and information in one place.

Smart Bricks are intended to be used for domestic and corporate builds, including homes, offices, bridges and similar large-scale projects. The manufacturers claim that the product will make not only the building process smoother, but also the maintenance process. Patented removable faces on the blocks will allow construction engineers to move bricks in order to perform functions such as laying insulation with ease.

The company behind the innovation is Kite Bricks, begun by Ronnie Zohar. He says the bricks will be “easily joined together, with open internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements to be run through the bricks and allow for easy access to these elements.” This means that alterations made to plumbing and electrics could be easily made in specific areas without disrupting the rest of the structure. So not only would it be more quick and simple to fix any issues, but would cause much less interference both structurally and to the daily routine of customers.

The blocks even arrive in a ‘finished’ state, so that extra work such as waterproofing the building is not necessary. The idea is that this ease and speed of construction will allow real energy savings to make the building industry more environmentally friendly. Apparently the new technology could also affect an estimated 50% reduction in prices, the ability to control room temperatures for a lowering of running costs, and almost no debris left on site, cutting time spent tidying up and benefitting the environment once again.

What could this mean for builders in Exeter?

At CPM builders Exeter we’re always keen to keep up to date with the latest in construction technology, so this development is very exciting. Of course, the products are still in a prototype stage so it will be a long time before the industry sees them become available for mainstream use.

This could be a great move forwards for Exeter plumbers, electricians and construction workers alike. Until then, CPM are maintaining a position at the forefront of the latest recommended professional building practises and equipment. If you’d like to find out more about the latest building approaches and news, or are looking into a project on your own property, contact a CPM builder Exeter today for a free expert advice consultation!