The gloriously hot weather means that the majority of us are spending our free time basking in the sunshine, but is your Exeter decking holding up under the high temperatures? It is important to assess the safety of your decking and to understand how our professional decking and patios team can resolve issues swiftly and at minimal cost.

Aside from maintenance and safety, our Exeter decking installation team has the resources and knowhow to transform your outdoor space. We work with you from design to installation to the additional finishing touches, such as staining and coating, to ensure that your decking will be the centre of attention when it’s your turn to host this summer. 

Exeter Decking Installation

We source and use only the best decking materials and therefore can guarantee that your newly laid decking will be highly resistant to both heat and dampness, especially when given the occasional attention that any decking requires. First, our Devon decking installers will establish the deck layout, providing you with a complete overview of the area your decking will cover, a timeframe for the project and a projection of the results. 

Once all is agreed and a clear plan is outlined, we can begin installing the ledger board and support framing, if required. When all foundation work is complete, we work with you to decide the most suitable decking surface, in terms of both practicality and appearance. Then, it really is all about design and personality! We can implement stairs, handrails, glossing and other finishes that spring to mind in the latter stages of the installation process. 

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Decking Maintenance

During the summer, your decking may become fragile and parts of it may even give way in the heat. If cracks and breakages do appear, our Exeter decking team are here to address the issue with care and precision, so that the appearance of your existing boards aren’t tarnished. Keeping your decking free of debris is useful to ensure you don’t miss brittle areas and to prevent further knock-on problems. 

In addition to this, checking that your decking is not uneven is also important; in terms of both safety and preservation. Meanwhile, it is also significant to note that, in winter, weather conditions might lead to moisture seeping into your decking boards. This can lead to problems around the screws, an issue known as mushrooming, and eventually the integrity of your boards will be compromised. 

Decking Builders in Exmouth, Exeter & Throughout Devon

Our team of decking specialists and builders in Exeter have implemented their expertise to the benefit of a host of customers, and their outdoor areas, already this summer. Contact us today to learn more about our decking installation and maintenance services and to schedule the work to take place at a time to suit you. 

We have a dedicated appointment booking system at the bottom of most of our web pages, with the view of making the initial contact stages as quick and easy as possible. Request a free, no obligation same day quotation today. Our decking team look forward to transforming and revitalising your space!