When buying a new build, you want to be sure that there won’t be a list of jobs to be completed in terms of property maintenance just months, or even weeks, into your residence. Moving into a new build to learn that ‘this and that’ needs repairing or improving is frustrating. Our builders in Exmouth and Exeter have noted a few things to look out for when purchasing a new build home and what you should be checking if you have already moved in.

Exeter & Exmouth Builders – Sorting New Build Defect Issues

Maybe your repair warranty has run out, you don’t have a warranty or the new build company that built your house are failing to fix the issues that have arisen to an acceptable level. Our builders Exmouth are here to solve the issue once and for all by, firstly, identifying the cause of the issue before going on to carry out the right solution. There can be a whole host of issues that occur with new builds, and as an established construction company in Devon, there’s not much our Exmouth builders have not seen. 

If you know of a problem with your new build and you require the work of our builders in Exmouth, arrange a time for us to do the work using the availability calendar at the bottom of our website. Alternatively, you can book a free same day quotation for us to assess the defects. 

Typical & Grating New Build Defects

The majority of new build companies work in clauses to the warranty, which hold them responsible for a small portion of the defects that might rear their head. This means that they are only contractually obliged to sort out a small number of defects, leaving you to fend for yourself. If you discover any of the following defects that need sorting, give our trusted builders in Exmouth a call: 

cracked wall exmouth builders fix

  • Drain blockages
  • Repairs needed as a result of strong weather conditions – excess wind or rain and extreme heat
  • Cracks in walls
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Bleeding your radiators
  • Cosmetic building repairs, for example, cracks or chips in the exterior or interior of the new build
  • Thermostat maintenance
  • Loose toilet seat, door handles, or dripping faucets
  • Wall or ceiling staining – as a result of a lack of structural integrity
  • Insulation problems – Keep costs to a minimum in the winter months with an impartial assessment from our team

These are just some of the common new build issues that come up, although there are a number of others that appear for residents throughout the South West region. Our Exeter plumbers team work with our new build defects team to ensure thorough solutions to any plumbing issues.

New Build Repairs – Builders in Exmouth 

Rough and rushed construction on new builds, due to the sheer amount of houses built in a single project, is a common occurrence. Major defects also occur, such as those in the roof or in other structural areas. For this, our Exeter roofing team will be able to address the issues, applying their professionalism and vast industry knowledge to see you right.
Our property maintenance team are also on hand to deal with any emergency issues, no matter how urgent and the size of the task. Contact us today to get your new build defects addressed once and for all and ensure the value of your property is protected.