Building Jobs Great for the Summer. At CPM Builders Exeter, we’re pretty resilient in the face of bad weather, but we’re still warmly welcoming the recent sunshine in Exeter. Summer is a great time of year for building, particularly structural jobs. These days professional builders can complete almost any job regardless of wind and rain, but dry conditions certainly speed things along. Summer 2014 is predicted to be one of the best on recent records. That’s why now is a great time to contact our building experts Exeter to discuss making your building job happen!

In dry weather, builders don’t have to spend time and money on Summer Building Work Exeteprecautions to protect the building site. In the winter, tarpaulin sheets and waterproofing materials are used to prevent weather damage, and construction workers have to carefully time certain jobs such as bricklaying for dry spells. Quality, safety and efficiency are three of our main objectives, and performing structural works in sunny weather means neither of these aspects are compromised – for example, your roofing work remains dry, gets fixed quickly, and our scaffolders stay safe.

CPM are specialists in providing expert building work all year round. However, here are some jobs that summer 2014 provides the perfect time to take on…

Out on the roof

Roofing is one of these building projects that is great to tackle in summer. The first thing we have to consider in roof works is how to assemble scaffolding, and wet weather can make working on the scaffold dangerous at times. Although we can certainly still do great roofing jobs year-round, particularly roofing repairs, the summer makes scaffold jobs safer and more speedily.

We all know you can’t quite rely on the Great British Summer to be consistently dry, so we always use protective covers overnight if your roof job is going to take more than a day. In summer, we can work all day in the sun and not use valuable time covering the work in rainy spells as we would in winter.
A secure, safe and completely leak-free is essential to a happy home. This is what CPM roofing experts Exeter always deliver, and in summer you can expect your roofing job finished on express delivery.

In the garden on the decking

The reasons for building your garden decking in summer are as much to benefit the building process as your enjoyment of the finished product.

It’s clear that decking is one of those jobs that is exposed to the workings of mother nature. In the rain, we use decking sheathing to keep the construction dry, particularly when it is being sealed and finished. If your decking requires ground levelling, it’s often best for us to do this on a dry day, as machinery such as diggers work best on non-water saturated grounds.
With a little dry weather, CPM’s specialist decking installers Exeter can build and finish your decking very quickly to your exact specification. We use only the highest quality of materials that will withstand the unpredictable UK weather, so you can enjoy your decking for many summers, and winters, to come.

In the sunshine, we can also decide exactly where in your garden is the optimum spot to catch the light for your sunbathing needs!
The early summer months are an ideal time to contact a professional decking specialist in Exeter, not only because of great weather conditions that mean quick construction, but also because you’ll be able to relax on the finished decking at the right time, catching the sunshine for the whole summer.

Cool conservatories

Conservatory extensions can significantly increase the value of your property and enhance your experience of your home. Whether you want a light-filled breakfast room or an evening relaxation retreat, a conservatory is the answer.
Extensions entail a variety of structural tasks, from building foundations, to brickwork, to roofs. Although with conservatories this is considerably more straightforward than a full house extension, some aspects still work best in dry weather.
To create a solid foundation, dry soil is a must, and roofing is always quicker to assemble without having to accommodate rain. Creating a conservatory is by no means impossible in the winter, but a good dry day works wonders in getting the job done efficiently. Summer also allows us to create your conservatory as it will be experienced – working out where your furniture would be placed for ultimate sunshine and enjoyment.
Conservatories are at their best when you can gaze out into the blue skies, so contact our conservatory specialists Exeter now to create your dream summer conservatory.

Summer is a brilliant time of year for making changes to your property that could reinvigorate your experience of your home forever. So, don’t hesitate, contact CPM Exeter now for a free no-obligation consultation.

Written by Emma Thomas