Plans to create a massive 10,000 new homes have taken a leap forward. As builders in Exeter, we are delighted to hear of such news and are ready to play our part in the next phase of our city’s progression, when called upon. Exeter is a growing city with a serious amount of capital being pumped into its development and our team of local tradesmen are ready to apply their expertise to any project. 

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Whether you’re looking for an Exeter roofing specialist, a dedicated home extension team or prompt property maintenance personnel, CPM are the local builders to look to. These are just a few of the types of services we provide and, as a large team of qualified and highly skilled individuals, we also serve the towns and villages of the wider Devon community. 

A New Grand Scale Building Project

Plans in a programme titled ‘Liveable Exeter Garden City’ have been made to look all the more viable following a £750,000 investment from the Ministry of Housing, Local Government and local communities. The money has come as authorities and planners look to accelerate the process and deliver on the idea of creating 10,000 homes at eight key locations throughout the city, over a 20 year period.

Liveable Exeter’s desire to see residents of these new homes walk and cycle around the city, as opposed to travelling by private car, is reflected in their innovative and forward-thinking plans. 

The Creation of Eight ‘New’ Neighbourhoods

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As trusted builders in Devon, it excites us to hear about such creative plans and ideas that are going to develop the city as a whole and the neighbourhoods that lie within. Liveable Exeter’s concept of creating 10,00 new homes means that the expansion of eight neighbourhoods, which are currently perceived as under-utilised, will be made possible. The eight neighbourhoods are as follows, as reported by Radio Exe

Red Cow Village (St David’s)

  • The plan is to create 664 new homes here, as well as a new work area in what is a highly accessible location. 

Water Lane (Near to Exe Valley)

  • The proposal outlines that there is to be 1,567 new homes built in this region. Planners have also allowed for a leisure attraction area near the quay – part of a proposed low traffic or car-free development.

Sandy Gate (Land off Sandy Gate Roundabout)

  • Part of the push towards sustainability and with a view of bridging the city and the new and existing neighbourhoods – 1,050 homes could be built in this area. 

Marsh Barton 

  • The area will remain a significant employment and retail zone but, with the addition of 5,544 homes and further work areas, it is hoped that it can become much more of an occupied riverside location. 

East Gate (Heavitree Road)

  • As well as 962 new homes, there’s the potential to create an enhanced approach to the city centre from the east. These new city centre housing additions are set to work alongside existing neighbourhoods. 

West Gate (Western Way)

  • The plan for this region is to open up access to the canal and river, from the city, with the completion of 617 new homes. 

South Gate (Holloway Street/South Street linked via Topsham Road)

  • Aside from the creation of 300 new homes for this area, there will be an emphasis on linking Southernhay to the Quay.

North Gate (North Street)

  • As part of the Liveable Exeter plan, 308 new homes could be built in this area while a new approach to the city from St Davids would be created. 

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