Christmas is here and as the CPM team look forward to a hard earned festive holiday, we would like to share some present ideas that most builders up and down the country would appreciate! If you’ve been impressed with a CPM Devon builder over the course of the year and would like to show your gratuity in the form of a small gift, we have some top ideas for you. So, what are some of the best christmas gifts for builders?

Christmas Gifts to Give to your Builder

Each and every CPM Devon builder loves to hear feedback on the jobs they carry out and a customer voicing their appreciation of our work goes a long way! If you know a builder who deserves a little something this Christmas, here are a few suggestions.

1.) Beer! 

beer for a devon builder

Building and maintenance can be thirsty work. Why not treat our Devon builders to a quality pack of beer, craft beer or cider to help them kick back and relax over the festive period? Consider some of the fine beers created locally, by The Exeter Brewery.

2.) Gift Cards & Vouchers

Christmas is notoriously the time of year to gather with family and friends or to socialise in various festive locations, such as the wonderful Christmas markets. A nice gift card for the cinema, local restaurants or to use in high street shops for present shopping, is another great idea. 

3.) A Bottle of Their Favourite Wine or Spirit

bottles of spirits and wine

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of your Devon builders’ favourite spirit or wine. It is sure to be enjoyed over the Christmas break and a gift that can be shared when friends and family come together on Christmas day.

A Christmas Gift to the Company 

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift you can give someone – or a company – are absolutely free! If you have been impressed with the work that a CPM Devon builder has carried out over 2019, we would really appreciate it if you voice your satisfaction in a review or testimonial. If you have a Google account, head to our Google listing to leave a review for us, or show your appreciation through the CPM Facebook page. As established Devon builders, we would also love for you to recommend us to friends or family this Christmas and guarantee to not disappoint!

leave cpm devon builders a review

Christmas Gifts to Use in the New Year

Every builder needs a good set of tools and can do with replenishing the stock every once in a while. Here we share Christmas gift ideas that will help builders carry out their job to the highest standard in the New Year. 

1.)  A Tool Bag

Organisation is all important when it comes to carrying out a project efficiently and within a timely manner. A nice new tool bag will help your builder keep everything in check and could save wasted time looking for the right tool. Such organisation can also help a builder save on replacing misplaced tools, an unnecessary expense that has been suffered by any builders in 2019, no doubt!

2.) A Warm Jacket for Work

Winter is well and truly here and the cold weather will undoubtedly carry into the first three months of 2020, at least. Builders in Devon would be thankful for a warm working jacket that they can rely on, whether they are working around the towns and cities or in the villages and hills of the South West. The right Winter clothing can help us stay healthy and in tip top condition during some of the most grueling months of the year. 

3.) A Tool Belt

tool belt

A tool belt is another for the organisation category – a good belt can help builders save time, making their day to day job run smoothly and ‘to hand’. A new tool belt would be especially useful for our builders that do a lot of ladder work. A useful attachment for a tool belt is a magnetic band to attach screws and nails – this would fit seamlessly on the tool belt. 

4.) More Winter Warmers

Lastly, there are several other clothing and accessory items that can accompany a warm winter work coat to help us in our line in the New Year. These include:

  • Warm Winter Gloves – skilled builders in Devon can’t operate at 100% with numb fingers. 
  • A Hot Flask – A lot of tea and coffee will be consumed when the temperatures reach freezing point! 
  • Thermal Underclothing – A real life saver when up in high places. 

Devon based Ruby UK is one shop that provides a variety of workwear suitable for professional builders. 

CPM Devon Builders – Operating Across The South West

We hope that you gained some insights into what builders may appreciate this Christmas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any work in the coming weeks or at any stage in 2020. Merry Christmas from the CPM team and we hope to see you soon!