What to Consider for Bathroom Installations! So you’re planning to fix a small problem in your bathroom or maybe changing the whole thing? What skills do I need to install a bathroom is a question you should be asking yourself before you start ripping the tiles from the wall! Living without a bathroom for a long period of time can be draining for the whole family, so a smooth and efficient bathroom turnaround is essential.Bathroom Planning
We have created this list to help you with your new bathroom remodeling and installation. We have highlighted a number of skills you will need to do it effectively and safely.

Removing the old bathroom

Removing and replacing the bath, shower, radiator, tiles, flooring should not be taken lightly as it can be a very difficult task. Builders in Devon are available to help you with this step who will ensure that everything is removed quickly and without damage.

Factors to consider
• Location of your bathroom and access limits (door size)
• Bathroom Layouts
• How to remove the bath, tiles, sink, towel heater and tools needed
• Materials of the bath, how many people do you need to carry it?
• Has all the water bathroom supply been switched off?
• Has the electrics been turned off and secured.
• How you will dispose of the bath, tiles, sink etc

Once you have removed all the contents of your bathroom the new appliances and materials needed should be ready to avoid any delay.

Ordering and Delivery of New Bathroom suite

Are you going to order everything separately?
Are you going to order everything from one supplier?
These are 2 questions you must ask yourself prior to commencing the removal of your old bathroom as many suppliers of bathrooms many not have them in stock so will have to order which could take weeks. Alternatively if you decide to order everything separately, which can save money be sure that:

•Everything has been measured accurately
•The design of the parts will match
•It will fit together and there’s enough space
•It will be delivered or if collected you have a van big enough
•When will it be delivered
•You have ordered everything you need?

Deciding on the style and design of the bathroom can be a challenge, as what you see online and in showrooms might not always be suitable for your size and shape of bathroom.

Bathroom Plumbers

Bathroom plumbing work can be complicated and may not be suitable for regular DIY enthusiast. In addition you may not know that many insurance companies won’t pay out if the plumbing fails and causes damage to your property unless it has been done by a qualified contractor. Speak to a plumber in Exeter who will give you the expertise you need with your bathroom plumbing.

Best floor material for a bathroom

It is important to consider the design, budget and your lifestyle before choosing the type of floor you want in your bathroom. Here’s a list of materials you could consider using on your bathroom floor.

•Tiles – Most popular and easy to clean
•Vinyl – Best for Budget
•Cork – Best for environment
•Bamboo – Both eco friendly and good for budget
•Wood or Laminate – Best looking but costly
•Stone – cold underfoot, stylish, hard wearing

Wallboarding, Plastering or Rendering Bathrooms

Ensuring your walls are protected against the elements a bathroom produces such as water, heat and condensation should be an important factor to consider early on in the build. Using gyproc moisture resistant boards will ensure your walls are flat, new looking and easy to clean. Plasterboarding a bathroom ceiling is also a popular option. Plastering doesn’t contain the same waterproof elements that rendering does this is because it doesn’t absorb moisture due to the level of sand a cement used. Plasterers in Exeter can help you achieve the perfect finish in your bathroom.

Tools needed to render a bathroom wall or ceilingBathroom Tiling
•Dust sheet
•Water bucket
•Mixing bucket
•Render mix
•PVA glue
•Spot board
•Mixing drill

Having the wrong tools may result in un-level and unsafe walls and ceilings in your bathroom, which if tiling is the next step will make it look terrible.

Tiling and wet proofing

When wet-proofing a bathroom there are certain things to take into account before you start tiling.

•What area should I waterproof in the bathroom/ how much should I tile a bathroom
•What materials to use?
•What should be waterproof and water resistant?
•Quality and consistency of the substrate
•Size and weight of tiles

Bathroom heating

Naturally a bathroom will warm up when the hot water tap or shower is turned on, however planning the heating in the room will ensure you will enjoy the luxury bathroom experience where it’s cozy hot before and after. Consider using:

•Electric heater
•Underfloor heating

Since the creations of heating management applications such as http://www.climote.ie/products/on-your-phone/ there has been a growth in demand. People can now control their whole home heating system from their mobile phones, this can save money and ensure using the bathroom it is suitably ready for your arrival.

Can my boiler cope with the new water demand?

As you will be making your new bathroom a great place to be you will want to take into consideration that you and your family will want to spend longer in there. This will inevitably have an impact in the quantity of hot water available. Other questions to ask yourself should be; do I want to be able to run the hot water in the kitchen sink at the same time as having a hot water shower and how many rooms do I need to heat in the winter and how will this affect my current boiler? Here is a great guide when deciding which boiler to choose http://www.uswitch.com/boilers/guides/boiler-guide/ for your homes hot water demands.

Which shower to choose for your new bathroom

Choosing the most effective boiler in both performance and cost can depend on a number of different factors.Fitted Bathroom

•Water Pressure
•Boiler Type (Combi or system)
•Electric shower wiring and earth
•Size and capability of the power cable supplying your power shower
•Cold or hot water piping

Installing the bath, sink and shower

Unless you have experience with installing these we would recommend you spoke with a professional who can advise you accordingly. There are a variety of tools required to successfully and safely install these units.

It’s not always possible or advisable to attempt to renew or replace a bathroom with little or no experience and could cost your more in materials, tools and time. Before starting work speak with a local specialist bathroom fitter in Exeter to about what is required in your bathroom. They will give you a no obligation quote and peace of mind that the work you are planning will be the way you actually want it, safely and on time.