Advice on Planning your Plumbing Job! Plumbing is one of the most essential aspects of any building. It’s what keeps you warm and dry, and your family healthy. So at CPM we understand how important it is that all plumbing work is carried out quickly, non-intrusively and professionally in your home or business. Sometimes it can be difficult for many people to know how to approach fixing their plumbing issues or fulfilling new installation needs. Should you attempt to do the job yourself, or hire an expert? What kinds of jobs need doing in your property? How can you find a trusted plumber in Exeter and beyond? We answer all this and more here…

DIY or hire a professional plumber?

There are some plumbing issues that many individuals are tempted to try to respond to themselves. Doing it yourself can be a great way to learn new skills and feel pride in contributing to the maintenance of your own home. For example, simple jobs such as unclogging a sink or changing a shower head can save you money and enable you to be able to fix the same situation again swiftly in the future.

However, if you’re not confident with such repairs, calling in a professional plumber is often the best option, because if further problems are caused due to inexperience, you could have more serious issues on your hands. Plumbing is a sensitive and technical job, and so often it’s best to hire an expert builder. Professional Exeter plumbers can respond to your needs quickly and execute every job to an incredibly high standard, with no stress on your part. It can be dangerous to try to fix plumbing problems without the necessary knowledge, both immediately and in the long run, so hiring a pro is usually the best way to go.

What can plumbers Exeter do for your property?

An expert Exeter plumber can rectify a whole variety of issues with water, fixtures, gas and heating to keep your home at its most safe and comfortable throughout the year. From fixing a leaky tap or unblocking a drain to fitting installations in your kitchen or bathroom, a professional plumber can respond to all of your needs. Radiators, boilers, pipes, sinks, drains – whatever the problem, a professional plumber will have the right solution with you quickly and effectually.

Finding expert Exeter plumbers

The most important thing to ensure when organising the servicing of your property’s plumbing system is hiring the right plumber. A good plumber will be fully licensed, experienced, punctual and friendly, whilst sorting your issue quickly, to a high standard, and in a tidy manner respectful of your convenience. Some important points to check are that:

1. They are properly trained and qualified
2. They will issue a legal certificate of compliance
3. They do not need to give advance notification on certain work
4. They hold public and employers liability insurance
5. There is an independent complaints procedure in place to resolve any disputes, should they arise

You can also refer to registers and company testimonials, along with asking trusted local construction workers or friends for recommendations. Professional plumbing shouldn’t cost you an absolute fortune, but luckily many expert companies like CPM offer fixed quotes which you can discuss at length to find out what is included in the service.

At CPM, our plumbers are fully licensed, qualified and experienced. We can carry out a huge range of jobs to an impeccably high standard, and in a manner that makes the whole process relaxing for you. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at reasonable prices with an unbeatable service. If you’d like to find out more about plumbing in Exeter or discuss your needs, contact us today for a free consultation!