A loft conversion can be a fantastic way of adding value to your home while improving your living conditions, giving you the ability to make the most out of your entire home. When thinking about undertaking an Exeter loft conversion, it is a good idea to form a plan – to know exactly how your loft conversion is going to look and how you will be afforded that extra space.

Making Space with your Exeter Loft Conversion 

We guarantee that we’ll do our bit to ensure you get the extra space you imagined upon deciding to undergo a loft conversion, making sure all the structural elements are situated in the right places. But once the work of our Devon loft conversion team is complete, and you have that beautiful tall space to make your own, you need to be savvy when making the most out of it. Here, we share six storage tips to consider following the completion of your loft conversion.  

1.) Floor to Ceiling Storage

The first thing to consider when thinking about storage is choosing height over width for your main cupboards. Custom made shelving units, or even floor to ceiling shelving units that you can buy in stores, are the ideal storage option. They give you plenty of compartments to separate and store different items while leaving you plenty of other floor space to bring in chairs, sofas or anything else you wish to make a mainstay feature. These units also allow for enhanced ventilation for the highest living space in your home. 

2.) Build Storage Into Your Eaves

When thinking of your newDevon loft conversion, or thinking of rejuvenating your existing loft conversion, a little space saving tip comes in the form of building storage into the eaves. This really is as simple as creating a single enclosed space – or a series of, if you wish – with an access hatch, draw or door. Of course, the storage area doesn’t have to be concealed by a hatch, if you wish to have small storage inbuilt compartments that you can access from the comfort of your bed, for example. 

3.) Dedicate Office Space After Your Devon Loft Conversion

If you often bring work home with you, whether it’s masses of paperwork, tools, machinery or any other type of equipment, you may wish to dedicate your recently created space to all things work related. This will enable you to clear out work items from any other area of your home and therefore enjoy the main house in its entirety. 

Achieve a degree of separation between work and personal life and form your ideal working environment if you often work from home. Alternatively, place all work related items in a storage or small room in the main part of the house and use the space created by your loft conversion to create your dream room!

4.) Don’t Ignore the ‘Awkward’ Corner

devon loft conversion cpm

In most loft conversions, there is often the ‘awkward’ corner – the part of the space that provides very little use, on the face of it. Assess the possibilities with the area size you have to work with and determine if you could fit a small bench or storage compartment that you’ll be able to keep a few things. Making the most out of each and every area in your Exeter and Exmouth loft conversion is the whole idea.

5.) Clothes Storage – Walk-in Wardrobe?

Thinking of dedicating a fair portion of your Exeter loft conversion to the storage of your clothes and shoes? You can achieve this by not taking up as much room as you first thought. Inserting a combination of brackets, shelves, rails and drawers around the edges of your space – again thinking vertically as opposed to horizontally – means you’ll have a good deal of clothes or shoes storage and most of your loft conversion space still to hand. You may even want to create a complete walk-in wardrobe around the perimeter of your loft conversion and create a small sitting area facing a TV, for example!

6.) Fitted Bathroom Elements

If the main purpose of your Exeter or Exmouth loft conversion is to add another bedroom with en suite to your home, space will invariably be tight. There are a few options that you can consider, however, to ensure the bathroom element doesn’t take up too much room – leaving you with plenty left to play with in terms of the bedroom area. These include:

  • A walk in shower instead of a bath tub – consider a mini wet room.
  • Potentially just a fitted sink with under cabinet – clean your teeth without having to navigate the stairs!

Our team of local bathroom fitters will liaise with our Exeter loft conversion team, if you wish to get creative when considering your new bedroom with en suite or a particular set of bathroom features.

CPM Loft Conversions in Devon 

Thinking about converting your loft into your very own getaway, snug or an extra bedroom? Speak to our Exeter loft conversion specialists to get the ball rolling today! Already carried out a loft conversion and require the finishing touches? 

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Our renovations and refurbishments team are ready to work on all areas of the loft conversion to transform your area into the space that you imagined at the very start. Equally, if it is more minor adjustments that you require, our cosmetic building repairs team are on hand to carry out amendments. Here are just some of the areas that we serve in the South West:

  • Exeter
  • Exmouth
  • Torquay
  • Barnstaple
  • Newton Abbot
  • Tiverton
  • Taunton
  • Many other parts of Devon, Dorset and Somerset!

Contact us today to arrange a free same day quotation and talk to our experienced team about converting your loft into an area that you’ll be able to make the most of.