5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plasterer in Exeter! So, you’re decorating a room? You have a clear vision of the fantastic new space you want to create and can’t wait to make it materialise. The only problem is that the walls need plastering. Perhaps you’re thinking that it seems easy enough, you could probably just get the kit and sort it yourself? In fact, plastering can be tricky to get right, which is why you need the expertise of a professional plasterer Exeter to get it right for you.

Whether your current plaster is not in the best condition and you want to replace it, you’re building a new room and need fresh plastering, or your walls are uneven, here are five reasons why hiring a professional plasterer in Exeter is the right way forward…

1. Finding the right materialsPlastering Exeter

When plastering with no former experience, you may be unaware of the wide range of plastering materials available. There are many types of plaster that can be applied to both internal and external walls – but that doesn’t mean that they’re all the best for each type of job. If you choose the wrong variety of plaster for your job, or even incorrect equipment such as the wrong kind of trowel, you could end up with serious problems that you will have to pay a professional to remove and rectify.

Simply hiring a plasterer in the first place will prevent this unnecessary measure and ensure that your walls are plastered with the correct materials. Expert plasterers Exeter can float and set plaster on any type of interior or exterior wall, whether brand new or hundreds of years old, whether the material is brick, concrete, sand, cement or lime.

Using traditional mortars and plasters containing lime is often the best way to guarantee a great finish. Lime mortars enable evaporation of moisture from within the core of the wall, which enables a balance of damp to be maintained so that your wall can breathe and remains in good condition.

2. Avoiding errors

There are a number of areas in which a DIY plasterer could go wrong that you may not realise. Whilst there are video guides and other ways of learning how to plaster, the technique is more tricky than it looks, and even a slight error could make your walls uneven and unsightly.
It is also very easy for beginners to use the wrong amount of plaster. Whether too much or too little, you won’t be able to achieve a smooth effect unless you get the exact amount of plaster needed, and knowing what this is comes with years of experience.

Some people who attempt DIY plastering also fall short after finishing the job by not leaving enough time for the plaster to dry. When you’re keen to finish the decorating job at hand, it can be easy to overlook drying times. It is also tricky for amateur plasterers to know exactly how long it takes for specific varieties of plaster to dry on certain types of wall material. The effect of improper drying is a very unappealing and uneven finish. Hiring a professional plasterer will make sure that this is not a problem.

3. Making a mess

As you can probably imagine, plaster can be a messy material to use. Expert plasterers have the experience and skills available to finish a job without creating any mess, however, a DIY plasterer may find that a lot of unwanted and unprecedented mess ensues and soon as you apply the trowel to the wall. This can be time-consuming to clean, and even costly if you end up having to replace carpets and so on due to mess that could easily have been avoided!

4. Health and safety

Plastering might not seem like the most dangerous property maintenance task, but there are risks involved that can arise without experience and the correct preventative measures.
Even things like choosing the correct footwear and using safe equipment, such as ladders, are key. Professionals are also practised in preventing and solving potential hazards such as spillages and protruding wires that could compromise your safety whist plastering your home. It’s not worth risking your own health or that of your family, so hiring a plasterer who knows how to keep themselves and you safe is always the best option.

5. Time is money

For a first-time plasterer, finishing the job can take a lot more time than expected. Whilst this might not initially seem like a problem, it’s important to remember that the old ‘time is money’ saying has some truth. If you’re spending a whole day plastering, or even more, when you could be spending time with your family or getting work done, you have to consider whether it’s worth saving the money.
Trying to get plastering right without experience can take a lot of time and be frustrating and tiring. Often it’s best to save yourself the stress by hiring a professional plasterer who will be able to finish the job perfectly in a short period of time, so that you can enjoy your free time, not to mention also getting into the room that you’re decorating more quickly.

Choosing the right Exeter plastering expert

If you need a plastering job done well in Exeter, CPM’s expert plasterers are here to help. We are able to execute any plastering job, big or small, regardless of the wall material, to the highest standard, efficiently and at a very reasonable price. Whether you need your exterior walls or interior space plastering, contact us today to find out how we can make your home look fantastic with our plastering services.