What are the fundamental checks that should you make with our Exeter and Exmouth builders, to ensure the structural integrity of your home and dodge unnecessary costs? In this article, we look at five key things to be on the lookout for, as temperatures begin to drop and the air fills with moisture. 

Many people do not make the necessary checks and end up commissioning our Exmouth builders to deal with issues that have stemmed into something bigger. Let’s get into the five things to be wary of when checking your home in preparation for the start of the wet season:

Start Checks From the Inside out

The first things to keep an eye out for is leakage, cracks and mould on your ceilings and walls; discolouration of your ceiling and water rings are also indicators that it’s time to give our property maintenance team a call. As well as checking for cracks, mould and other integral damage to your walls and ceilings, you will also want to consider giving your doors and windows a once over. 

It is important to be confident that all windows and doors close fully and that there aren’t any gaps or sealing issues. The wet seasons can get notoriously cold in the UK, so this check is a must to limit draft and improve the efficiency of your heating! Our experienced builders in Exmouth will be happy to cast their trained eye over the inside of your home if you have concerns about any of the above.

Inspecting Roof Condition with our Exmouth Builders

wet roof builders in exmouth

We advise that you should check your roof at least every three months, in order to thwart any developing issues and guard against hefty, unwanted costs. Our Exeter roofing team are here to provide you with their knowledge and thorough inspections of your roof throughout the year. Here are a few of the key issues to look out for when checking your roof and preparing for the wet seasons:

  • Cracks in tiles or along the ridge of your roof.
  • Assess the valleys of your roof for holes, rusty spots and general disintegration – i.e. any area of your roof that has a downward slope.
  • Check for missing and loose shingles. Replace any that look tired to avoid moisture leaking inside your house.

Are Your Gutters Blocked?

You should regularly check your drainage system, guttering and downpipes to ensure that water is being allowed through freely. This is especially true when living in the South West counties, as there are lots of natural elements that can gather and clog up your pipes – talk to our builders Exmouth today if you usually encounter such problems. Our Exmouth plumbers are on hand to deal with any blockages that may arise from now until the end of the wet seasons. Another thing to lookout for is the coating of your roof in your gutters; if detected, it may be the case that your roof needs re-coating before further issues arise.

Designate A ‘Wet & Muddy Zone’

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During the wet seasons, wet and muddy footwear is a given. It is a good idea to create a designated ‘zone’ – sense would say somewhere near the main entrance to your house – where you keep everything like footwear, umbrellas and jackets. Not only will this improve neatness, but it will lessen the chances of damage to the aesthetics of your home. Avoid issues such as wet wooden floors, muddy carpets and marks on walls. Just make sure guests get the memo!

Are Your Outdoor Areas Tidy?

Our builders merchants Exmouth know from experience that it is a good idea to go around the perimeter of your home and remove branches, debris and other obstacles, which could facilitate the build up of puddles. Whilst doing this, you may want to consider the storage of items. You should store any garden equipment, furniture or decorative features off the ground and in a nice, dry place. If you do plan on leaving your furniture outside, it may be a good idea to apply a lasting waterproof coating. You don’t want to arrive at the next summer months with all your belongings affected by the rain and wind.

CPM Builders Exmouth – Guarding Against the Wet Seasons

There are other checks that are necessary to make sure your home is fighting fit in the coming months. Contact us today to arrange an assessment of your home before the wet seasons take a hold of the UK. Alternatively, if you know that there are issues that need addressing before the rain, wind, sleet and whatever else may come in, book a free same day quotation.